What You Need to Open a Bar and Grill Business

Opening a restaurant, particularly of a bar and grill, is probably one of the most exciting businesses that any food lover can join in. This kind of restaurant gives you a lot of opportunities to be creative – you can customize it however you like, from sports bar attracting college students and athletes, to traditional-dining grill attracting families and locals, to high-end restaurant targeting elite groups and foreign travelers. But whichever style of restaurant you choose, it’s crucial that you have the right equipment and resources at hand to ensure that your restaurant business will hit success.

Bar and Grill Business

Here are some of the most important things to take into account when opening a bar and grill business:


When it comes to opening a restaurant of any kind, the menu is the most important thing that you should consider. Although people go to restaurants with various reasons, the food is the primary reason why they keep coming back. The ideal restaurant menu depends upon the style of restaurant that you plan to open. If you’re considering a traditional-dining grill that attracts families and locals, then you should create a menu that will satisfy the kind of taste of your target demographic. Also consider the cost, ingredients needed, and the time involved in preparing each meal. Talk with your head chef if what kind of menu is best for your restaurant.

Kitchen Equipment

Another important consideration when opening a restaurant is to ensure that you have proper equipment available to keep your staff busy and make your customers happy. Since you’re opening a bar and grill, you definitely need a large and efficient grill that has stove and oven to prepare your meals. And since you’re dealing with foods, you would also need coolers and freezers to store your perishable items, such as meat, milk, eggs, and vegetables. Other important things that you must have in your kitchen are glass racks, washing racks, bottle opener, cocktail shakers, tongs, blenders, beer glasses, wine glasses, fryers, cooking pans, baking pans, heating station, range of bowls and plates, ladles, knives, and fire extinguishers.

Seating and Other Necessary Accessories

Keep in mind that designing your restaurant is more than just placing chairs and tables in a room. Just like other things in business, it also requires careful planning. When it comes to setting up chairs and tables, it crucial to consider the design that is not just aesthetically appealing to the eyes but also comfortable to visit. Don’t overcrowd. Consider consulting your fire department or other related local agencies about occupancy limits for safety purposes.  Of course, other than this, you may also want to consult an interior designer, who is specialized in designing restaurant, about what kinds of chairs and other accessories are good for your establishment.

Permits and Licenses

As you probably already know, whatever business, may it be a small or a large one, proper permits and licensing are necessary before you can legally start to operate. So before you open your bar and grill to the public, make sure that you have acquired all the permits and paperwork that are required to run your business.  Since you’re opening a bar and grill, additional permits, such as liquor license must be acquired. Having all the required documents will give you peace of mind and an ability to concentrate on satisfying your customers when your business opens.


Of course, as with other ventures, having skilled and qualified staff is extremely important as they are the ones who will help you run your operation effectively and achieve your business goals. Make sure to hire qualified cooks and managers who have years of experience in the restaurant and food industry, as well as waiters and crew who are nice and friendly. You would also want to hire professional staff, such as lawyers, accountants and bookkeepers Melbourne to deal with the most complicated parts of your business. If you don’t have enough funds, though, you can always outsource these services.

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