Tips for Safe Fire Wood Splitting or Cutting

What is it that usually makes an event, holiday or trip fantastic?  Is it only the highlight of the event or is it a lot of little things that add to a fantastic adventure or day?  Something small can totally ruin a fun evening or fun holiday because a great time is about much more than just the highlights.  It is about having fun for the main part of the holiday, trip or social event and about all of the hard work that you put into ensuring that you will have a good time. The same goes for a barbecue.  Hard work always pays off.  The more planning and effort you put into preparing food, the more delicious your meal will be.  The more planning and work you put into your barbecue’s preparation, the better the entire barbecue will be.  A lot of men love to split wood for their barbecue’s themselves.  Splitting or cutting your own firewood adds to the experience, saves you a lot of money and helps you clear up some trees and wood in the back yard.  Creating firewood can be quite dangerous however, especially if you are using a chainsaw for the cutting.  A few quick safety tips will ensure that you won’t lose an arm or leg while preparing your firewood.

Tips for Safe Fire Wood Splitting or Cutting

Know your tools

The most important safety aspect of firewood splitting knows your tools.  If you don’t know how to operate a chain saw properly then you are putting yourself at great risk.  Get someone to teach you the basics of chainsaw cutting and handling so you can be safe while doing this dangerous task. 

Study your wood

Different wood types split differently and require different pressure force for cutting.  It is important to study your wood to determine whether it is hardwood or soft wood before you start cutting.

Sharper means safer

When you use a blunt chain saw or axe you will be using a lot more force for the cutting which could result in damaged tools and even personal injuries since you cannot cut accurately and can easily slip when you are using a lot of force.

Protective wear that will keep you safe

Safety gear is always important when you are splitting wood and especially when you are using a chainsaw.  When you are cutting wood there are always a lot of wood pieces flying everywhere which could lead to injury.  Here are the basic safety gear must haves for splitting or cutting wood.

  • Safety goggles will protect your eyes against flying wood pieces and will enable you to see better.
  • Leg protectors are a must when you are doing chain cutting because it will protect your legs against wood splinters and give your legs the best protection in case your saw slips.
  • A full protective body suit is always the best way to go.
  • Gloves will protect your hands and enable you to cut wood pain free.
  • Wear steel capped shoes when cutting large pieces of wood
  • Ear protection are a must when operating a noisy chainsaw

A mask will protect your lungs against fine saw dust particles.