Tips for Choosing the Best Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are amazing to have around the house for occasional heavy duty cleaning of tiles, crevices, patios, car washing, outdoor furniture cleaning, etc. Surprisingly, pressure washers help conserve both water and energy, as it eases the process in lesser time, with lesser water, and less effort. Overall, it is a cost effective and it is a worthwhile investment to have a pressure washer instead of hiring professional cleaning service. Dirt and grime disappear in no time, as pressure washers release water, detergent or cleaning solutions through a thin nozzle with increased pressure. To choose one best suited for your needs, consider online review sites such as this one having some simpson and dewalt power washer reviews and comparisons for you to ponder upon before making the big decision. Happy pressure washing!

Getting started

Before starting your search and actually visiting stores, ask yourself how much you are willing to spend, what kind of cleaning you will be doing and where you will use it most. Some of us need it exclusively for indoor uses; some need a little outdoor duty when their car, rooftops, fences etc. need cleaning. Then there are the ones whose office, shop or industry needs one. Depending on how heavy duty your requirements are, choose a model that excels in both gas engine size and cost. Reading up on online opinions are always helpful, as they help you choose easily.

Pressure Washer


Identify your needs

If grease and grime are you worst enemies, consider a model that can heat up the water. Hot water is the best medicine for stubborn grease, moist walls and even slimy algae. However you might want to simply clean surfaces that need simple soap cleaning. For that kind of cleaning, opt for one having a detergent tank on board. This helps you load detergent water as required. For ease of storage, consider one with on board storage option.

Indoor cleaning

Cleaning indoors means that you have access to a plug point, hence your pressure washer can only be moved around the house connected with a port or a multi plug. An electric motor powered pressure washer limits your movement because you are constantly connected via wires. However, electric models are more cost effective. Heating your water constantly can be done as well.

Outdoor and heavy duty

It is to be noted that if your model is gasoline powered, they are confined only to the outdoors. Getting such a monster inside is out of the question unless you own a go-down or warehouse. For easy movement of your pressure washer, you need one with wheels. Read up simpson and dewalt power washer reviews and comparison online before you begin your search. For heavy industries and outdoor use, opt for a gasoline powered one. Albeit expensive, the versatility of the device makes up for it. However, the best of both worlds can be achieved by opting for a gasoline powered yet diesel heated machine that is cost effective in terms of heating the water.

Bottom Line

There are many types of pressure washers out there, be sure to read up reviews online and find one that suits your needs properly.


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