Tips for Barbecuing Your Hunted Wild Duck

There is nothing that tastes better than a fresh wild duck on the grill while you relax with a few beers next to the campfire.  There are few things that go together better than a wild duck hunt followed by a delicious barbecue.  Can you honestly imagine hunting without camping?  Or camping without barbecuing?  Can you imagine hunting without barbecuing?  These three elements go together perfectly and is a must for each and every one of your hunting trips.  The best way to enjoy an exhilarating hunting trip is by barbecuing your kill yourself.

Tips for Barbecuing Your Hunted Wild Duck

Bow hunting is best for wild duck hunting

Duck hunting is quite tough, especially if you are planning on getting more than one kill for the day.  The sound of a gun will chase away all ducks for miles around which is exactly why duck hunting is best done with a bow.  Bow hunting is mostly silent.  You can easily pick off more than one duck before they will scatter and finding a nearby flock is quite simple since your previous shots were so quiet.  On you can read up on some of the best compound bows on the market, find info on the best bow cases, read up about the best compound bow stabilizers or get info on just about any bow or archery gear there is so you can invest in the right and highest quality bow for your wild duck hunt. It is important to get in good practice with a bow before you go duck hunting and learn basic duck habits so you can improve your chances of getting the perfect kill for dinner.

Field dress your duck immediately

One of the big secrets of wild duck hunting is field dressing.  You should clean a duck immediately after the hunt because once the duck gets cold; it becomes almost impossible to get the feathers off even with boiling water.  Find out how to field dress a duck and how to clean a duck so you can enjoy a much better tasting dinner.

Quarter and spice your duck

Duck takes a very long time to barbecue, especially if you are grilling a whole duck.  The best way to barbecue duck is by quartering it so the meat can prepare much quicker and so you can distribute spice and salt much easier.

Make a grill sauce

Duck has a tendency to dry out on the outside while it remains raw on the inside when you are grilling it.  A grill sauce will help you infuse more flavor in your meat and will keep your duck meat more moist during the barbecue.

Consider marinating

Marinating takes a long time but is well worth the effort especially if you are barbecuing wild duck.  Wild duck can be a bit gamy and marinating will help infuse the spices and will soften up the meat a bit.

Barbecue your duck

You need a lot of patience for barbecuing duck.  Lay your quartered duck on the grill and turn frequently and add a fresh layer of grill sauce with each twist.  You should also cut deep into the duck to ensure that the meat is grilled all the way through before you remove the duck from the grill and don’t worry too much about a toasty skin because that is part of the wild duck experience.