How to Throw a Fun BBQ with Your Dog Present

It’s spring time here and that means getting outside and firing up the smoker and grill. And, it means spending more time in the wild world of the outdoors with your dog. If your dog is anything like ours, she gets all kinds of riled up when you throw the meat on the flame. So, to keep her safe and allow everyone else to have a good time, please consider how to throw a fun BBQ with your dog present.

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How to Throw a Fun BBQ with Your Dog Present

Tips for Making the Most of Your BBQ While Your Dog’s there

Many people consider their dogs their children. However, we aren’t all as doting. So, throwing a big BBQ bash and having to deal with the dog might be a little much. Here are some tips for making the most of your BBQ while your dog’s there:

  1. Treats– Ensuring that you always have dog friendly treats on hand will help you make the most of this BBQ experience. You want to have something available that will deter your pup from all the delicious meat you are smoking for everyone else’s pleasure. In fact, there are brands that make treats look like they have been grilled and include real meat in their ingredient lists.
  2. Designate- Assign someone to be the grill master. That person will be protecting your food. He/She will be keeping eyes on the grill to prevent your dog from knocking it over and ruining all that delicious food. Keeping the fire and the grill away from your dog is serious business and could make or break your festivities. Make sure chairs are far away from all the grilling necessities, meats, etc, in case you have a sneaky climber for a dog. Learn how to be a grill master.
  3. Games– Keep your dog busy while the grill master is maintaining the safety of the vittles. If your dog is actively engaged in a game of fetch, he/she won’t be preoccupied by what’s going on at the smoker. And, you will both be able to burn some calories at the same time.
  4. Hydrate– Dogs don’t sweat like we do. And, chances are, if you’re outside grilling, it’s probably a wee bit warm out there. Be sure to keep the dog snacks out of reach while guaranteeing that water is readily accessible. Read this.
  5. Enjoy- This is a BBQ after all. It needs to be a fun time for all who are participating, even your dog. Put on some music, light some mosquito repelling citronella candles, and throw in some string lights to contribute to the festivities. Create an ambiance that leaves people hungry for the delicacies your grill master is perfecting.

Having an outdoor BBQ party is all about making memories and spending time with the people and pets that matter. Be sure you take the time to enjoy it all. If you need help throwing a great bash, click this.