Summer Party Tips for Young Men

Well, summer’s here and the party invites are overflowing! Regular parties are pretty easy to handle, but when it’s time for a serious boy’s night out, every young man wants to be the life of the party. Don’t worry about it though, just sit back and relax while you go through some of these super helpful party tips so you’re guaranteed to be the star attraction of any party:

Plan beforehand

You should plan what you’ll want to wear in advance since you’ll know what style suits you best. That way you don’t have to be constantly worrying about your look at the party. Find some outfit choices and pick the best one.

Choose the right outfit

The first and most significant thing when getting ready for a party is knowing your audience. Are you going to a bachelor party? A wedding reception? A night at the bar? You should pick your outfit according to the occasion so that you don’t stand out.

Summer Party Tips for Young Men
Summer Party Tips for Young Men

Try going for subtlety

Don’t use too much flash or tack when planning your outfit. It’s best to go with something a little soberer if you’re attending a formal occasion like a wedding. Some simple light pastel color options can give your outfit a great chic look instead of dark or bright neon shades. Avoid any excessive patterns or designs at a bar night as well, you don’t want to scare off the ladies!

Get a nice hairdo

A natural shower and blow dry is all the hair styling that you’ll need to keep your hair looking fresh and attractive! Most men for over-the-top beard styles and gelled up hair which can be a huge turn-off. A subtle beard and natural hair can make all the difference.

Beards are in style, so, you’re going to want to go for a great look and style to match your outfit and party occasion. Hone is an online men’s fashion blog that posts about different fashion styles, trends, outfits, accessories, and products that men can choose to stay up-to-date with men’s fashion. The blog outlines some of the top ten beard styles for 2018 so you can pick from these amazing looks which include:

  • Bandholz
  • Long Stubble
  • Balbo
  • Circle Beard
  • Short Stubble
  • Garibaldi
  • Van Dyke
  • Full Beard
  • Imperial
  • Medium Stubble

The blog outlines all the cutting styles and aspects involved with each beard look and provides sample photos so you can have a clear look of the style. Each beard style is explained in depth so you can see which one works for you based on your hair color, texture, style, skin tone, age, outfit, party occasion and much more.

You can opt for the one that suits you according to the blog’s recommendation, or just go with the flow and pick whichever one you like. The right hairdo can leave you feeling confident and bold at any party.


This is an imperative focal point: don’t just go ahead and douse yourself in a bottle of strong cologne! It’s only going to have everyone at the party run away in the opposite direction. Just lightly dab a subtle cologne on your neck and wrists, and you’re good to go.


Your shoes should match your outfit. If you’re going out in a blazer and some trousers, formal footwear like Oxford shoes should do the trick. Sandals and flip flops go well with mort casual looks.

Be Confident

Last, but definitely not the least, be confident! A sense of confidence can make you look like the life of the party regardless of your outfit choice. So just go out, grab a drink and have some fun at the party!

How To Prepare Your Garden For Summer Barbecuing and Partying

Is your garden ready for summer partying? As summer approaches, its time to begin setting up your garden with all that you’ll require for any BBQ’s or outdoor party you may have. This is a short guide with a portion of the basics you’ll have to make the most out of the current year’s summer happenings.


Picking a barbecue is a basic starting point for any outdoor partying. Regardless of whether you need a charcoal barbecue to get that authentic barbecue taste or you incline towards the convenience of gas controlled cooking. Remember what kind of barbecue you require, what size barbecue will you require? Do you need a permanent barbecue or something you can store away?

How To Prepare Your Garden For Summer Barbecuing and Partying


You will invest energy in your garden as you will need some place to sit and eat. There are a lot of choices for garden furniture from plastic seating and tables to strong wood or metal. You’ll have to choose whether you need to have the capacity to move your furniture around effortlessly for capacity, which may mean you go for lightweight plastic seating or maybe a durable garden seat that you can use all through the year. You may likewise need to think of some as cover from sun when it gets excessively hot by purchasing a gazebo or parasol. This ought to shield you from the sun in the summer and ensure its safety in the winter months as well.

Keep in mind that you will also need to invest time and energy in the upkeep of your garden. This means regular lawn mowing and weed picking needs to be on your gardening schedule. Lawnmower Lane can help you go through a detailed rundown of the best lawn mowers available in the market. Not only that but you will also get details on the additional features, price ranges as well as unbiased reviews of the lawn mowers. Get one to keep the grass trimmed and ready for partying!


It may be warm in the daytime however in the event that you’re anticipating spending your nights outside you might need to keep everybody warm. There a few alternatives with regards to outdoor warming. Patio heating is an extremely compelling method for remaining warm and are brisk and simple to utilize. Different choices are Chimneys or Fire Bowls. If you prefer to get warmth from open fire, then these are great.


On the off chance that the warmth gets too much for a few, you can simply consider an inflatable garden pool. There is doubtlessly a pool estimate for any garden size or spending plan. In case you’re expecting kids at your social event you’ll surely keep them content with the addition of a pool. Then again you can fill it with some cool water and utilize it to keep your beverages cool while it’s not being used.