How to Smoke Salmon in Your Smoker

Salmon is one of the fish that people love to eat the most. A lot of people love its texture and its distinct taste. It helps that this is also one of the healthiest fish to eat provided that you get it from a good source.

People assume that salmon is a hard fish to cook but actually, there are different ways that you can prepare it and it will end up tasting great every single time. One of the most popular ways to prepare your salmon is by smoking it with the use of your smoker.

How to Smoke Salmon in Your Smoker
How to Smoke Salmon in Your Smoker

This is the process that you can do to make this possible:

  • Prepare the brine that you will use on your salmon. Brine is usually composed of all the flavors that you would like to use to enhance the flavor of the salmon. Most people prepare it with water, salt, sugar, onion, and garlic cloves. You can make some changes depending on your taste.
  • Cut the fish into thin fillets then allow the fillets to cure for about 8 hours. This will infuse all of the flavors that you want.
  • Air dry the fish. It would form a sort of flake on top that will signify that it is ready for smoking. Place the fish in a clean rack and allow the natural air to dry the fish the way that you want it before smoking.
  • Set the smoker to about 140 degrees. You have to choose the type of wood that you think will work best on your salmon. It is all about your preference. You need to choose one that will best fit your taste. You can avoid pine wood as it can make fish taste a bit bitter. You can stick with some safe favorites like apple wood and hickory wood.
  • You can smoke your fish for about an hour since you have cut it into fillets. If you have decided to smoke bigger cuts of the salmon, it would take about 3 hours before the cuts would be properly smoked. While you are doing this, you can work on other things. Have you ever tried using react app? It will allow you to make your applications in a fast amount of time. There is no need to hire different people for encoding the required codes. Everything can be set up fast. Who knows, you might work on an app that will help people know the proper smoking tips to cook not only salmon but other types of meat.
  • Once you are done smoking, you can place the salmon that you will not use yet inside some Ziplocks. It will make the salmon last longer so that you can just get it from the freezer to thaw every time you would need it for your recipe.

There are still a lot of other meats that you can smoke and cook as long as you have the right recipe and you know what you should do.