A Step-by-Step Guide on How You Can Plan, Prepare for & Host A BBQ

Summer is an ideal time to have a BBQ get-together. Regardless of whether it be a major family get-together or even simply having a couple of friends around. Anyway you need it, this article is a basic manual for you to take after to have an exceptional BBQ.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How You Can Plan, Prepare for & Host A BBQ
A Step-by-Step Guide on How You Can Plan, Prepare for & Host A BBQ

Pick the correct day. BBQs are best facilitated outside under the open climate. Abstain from picking a day that is predicted to be rainy, cool or too windy. You need the ideal summer climate when you have a BBQ with friends/family!

Plan your list of people to attend. Consider whether you need friends over or family (or possibly both). Keep in mind not to welcome an excessive number of individuals since you’ll need to cook for them all.

Plan where you’ll have the BBQ. Generally, one is hung on the garden/yard/patio. Ensure there are places for individuals to sit, for example, seats and floor mats. Brighten the region with lamps for a mystical night BBQ or only a pleasant natural scene. A few parks or areas offer free BBQs to warm up and use on their parcel. Consider having a BBQ out in an open stop for something else.

Decorate accordingly. It’s very important to set up the right BBQ mood. You want to make use of the existing items and accessories you have so that you don’t end up spending extra money. You can always bring in paintings and wall hangings from inside and put them up temporarily on the patio wall. One of the best things you can show off is your star map which will be custom made and will depict a few important events in your life. Put it up for everybody to see it!

Plan the food and drink. Think about your visitors. It is safe to say that they are kids? Vegans? Ensure there is something for everybody. Burgers, frankfurters, ribs and kebabs are mainstream. Ensure there are some side dishes like potato plate of mixed greens, serving of mixed greens, couscous, watermelon, and so on. Have beverages, for example, lemonade, lager, smoothies or even simply water! You need most foods that can go on a grill since you’ll be grilling them. Servings of mixed greens simply be made before-hand to give yourself additional time ahead.

Plan a few recreations/activities. Go and design fun games you used to play as a child! Possibly a session of rounders! Remind your visitors to wear reasonable footwear.  Make sure to pick reasonable recreations for youngsters on the off chance that you have families going to. Maybe even setting up an over the ground pool will be possible and a lot of fun.

Have somebody look out for the grill. Ensure that somebody or even yourself is at the grill constantly when food is cooking on it! Upon the arrival of the BBQ, set up the entirety of your side dishes ahead of time, either the morning before the BBQ or the prior night. Display the food outside on a table like a buffet so your visitors can pick what they might want.

Make the most of your BBQ and eat as much as you want!

Tips for Throwing a Pool BBQ Party

A BBQ pool party during hot summer days is a perfect way to celebrate any occasion. It is an ideal summer bash for all ages. Everyone enjoys a refreshing dip in the pool during summer season. You can play different water games, hang out with your friends and family and eat plenty of food. Pool parties are always a fun way to celebrate. It combines together the deliciousness of BBQ food and the fun of being inside the pool! Here are some tips for you to host a great pool party without any trouble.

Check Your Pool:

Before planning the whole thing, make sure that your pool is all set for the party. You should test all the pool related stuff such as jets, filter and lights. Chlorine and pH levels are also important as a perfect chlorine residual is 3.0. Ensure that these levels are well adjusted. Clean and scan your pool to get rid of any kind of rubble. You should also remove extra furniture from your pool side to create space for your party. You can also learn more about cheap and easy ways to heat your swimming pool so that it’s at a comfortable temperature level.

Tips for Throwing a Pool BBQ Party
Tips for Throwing a Pool BBQ Party

Plan some Fun Activities:

You can plan some fun pool party games to keep your guests active and involved. Focus on arranging water games as pool parties are set to cool off during hot summer holidays. Some commonly known water games are: macro polo, treasure hunt, dolphin & shark and volleyball etc. You can search internet for a complete list of water games to increase fun during your get together. You can also add some pool accessories such as beach ball, rings or floats etc.

Plot your Guest List:

It is very important that you should prioritize your guest list, so you may have a manageable number of guests. You will need additional supervision depending on the age of your guests. If you are planning a pool party for your kids then you must pay extra attention and keep them out of the deep. Just make sure all your invited guests knows how to swim.

Prepare Some Snacks and Drinks:

Swimming and playing will leave your guests hungry for food so planning a full menu is very important for your pool party. Chips, Popsicles, watermelon and pretzels are some great choices for pool parties. If you have some extra budget in hand then you can replace snacks with a live barbeque and grilled burgers to increase fun for your guests.  With the hot blazing sun, you will also need to provide some refreshments such as lemonade, sparkling drinks etc.

Add Background Music:

Music add life to any kind of party. You can create festive atmosphere at your pool part by adding a great playlist to your sound system. A good background music will increase the ambiance of your party and will entertain your guest through your get together. Also, make sure that you do not put too loud music because some people gets very irritated while yelling during a chit chat at such parties.

Final Touch ups:

In the end make sure that your pool is clean, games are all planned, food is out on serving plates and the music is playing. After the final touch ups all you have to do is get yourself ready before the arrival of your guests. Planning everything ahead means you should relax and fully enjoy your pool party with your friends and family.

How to Host the Perfect BBQ Party

There are different reasons why you would like to have a barbecue party. It may be because you want to have all of your friends gathered in one area and you are going to make an important announcement. It may also be because you miss your friends and you feel like you do not have time for each other anymore. At times, you just want to show off your great BBQ smoker. You want to test if it is as good as the reviews say it would be.

No matter what your reason is, you still cannot deny the fact that hosting a BBQ party can be complicated especially if you have never done it before. You can expect that at the day of the party, your garden area will be packed. You should have the food which includes your chosen grilled meat and veggies plus the salad. Serving the right refreshments is a must too.

When preparing your refreshments, you may have different sodas and alcoholic beverages but you want to make your own punch bowl too. This is easy provided that you have a water filter. You need to make sure that the water you are going to use to mix the juices together will be clean for your guests. You do not want your guests to suffer from stomach problems, right? If you are not sure if your water is clean, take a look at Mikes under sink water filter guide. The more that you know about your water filter, the easier it would be for you to create the perfect beverages for your food.

How to Host the Perfect BBQ Party

  • Choose the proper time to have a party. You want to pick a date and time when you know that most of your guests can be free. If you are going to schedule a party that is far too close to another person’s party, the number of your guests may be lessened.
  • The way that you are going to invite people will depend on the number of people who are coming to your party. If you are only going to invite a few people, you can send the invitations through text but if you are going to invite a lot of people, sending invitations is recommended.
  • Get to know what food you are going to serve to your guests. You may have some tried and tested recipes that you know your guests will love but you need to adjust to some of your guests who are coming to the party. If you have vegan guests coming over, you need to prepare food that they can eat. If you know that most of your guests do not eat beef, you may choose to barbecue chicken instead. These small choices can affect how much your guests will enjoy the party.
  • Prepare the playlist ahead of time. Even if you and your guests are going to do a lot of talking, having some music playing in the background will allow the atmosphere of the party become more fun and vibrant for everyone.

Hosting your very own barbecue party can be fun as long as you would follow the tips that are mentioned above.

Having a BBQ? Keep Your Dog Away From These Foods

It’s the summertime which means it’s time to throw the grill out back and have a few cold ones with your friends and family. Barbeques are a wonderful way to spend time together while having food that everyone loves, including your dog. No dog will turn away from barbequed food. So while you see your dog anxiously waiting for you to throw it a piece of meat, you need to be aware that you don’t accidentally feed it the following items:


Anything containing onions

Onions are very toxic as they can cause heart problems along with gastrointestinal issues for dogs. You will probably have onions lying around as a burger topping or as an add on for another dish. Just ensure that if you give your dog any item you grill or made, it has no traces of onion.


Chicken Wings

Although dogs typically can eat chicken and bones, having them in a combination of chicken wings is not that safe for them. Chicken wings have smaller bones and as a dog chews on it, it can leave small sharp bones which can cause injury to the mouth of the dog if they do not completely chew it. Not only that, the marination of the chicken wing is typically high in content of salt and sugar. Food with high content of salt and sugar is not generally recommended for dogs.


Corn on the cob

Not so much for its content, the corn is typically okay for a dog to eat in moderate amount. The reason why a corn on the cob is dangerous is because of the cob. You want to take the corn out from the cob and give it to your dog. But make sure you do not drench it with butter or salt as that can give digestion problems to your dog.



Depending on the sausages you, we recommend you keep them away from your dog. If you get sausage that contains a high content of fat, salt and onion, then you are better off not feeding it to your dog. Higher end sausages which have more meat content are typically find just as long as you don’t season it with too much spice and salt.

The same applies to hamburger meat. If you are feeding it to your dog, it should not have a high content of fat, salt, or any trace of onion.



Mushrooms are nice to grill and taste good with burgers and other barbequed items. For dogs however they are very toxic so keep any grilled mushroom away from your dog.

So no matter how sad your dog’s face is be sure not to feed it any of the above items. When having a barbeque you need to make sure you have some meat set out separately for your dog which you can grill and give it. This way your dog will have something to eat while you grill food for you and your guests. You can also check out Dog Praise for dog related items and treats that will be suitable for your dog while you barbeque.

How to Throw The Best BBQ Party by the Seaside

Summers are taking over, and there is no better way than a BBQ party at the beach to start off this season joyfully with your family and friends. The lovely view of the waterfront, the refreshing breeze, and the sandy coast is all you need to enjoy a party to the fullest. However, all your efforts might go in vain if you do not have an organized plan beforehand. This lack of arrangement cause various disasters to occur on the party day and will serve as a source of displeasure for your friends and family rather than being a source of pleasant experience.

How to Throw The Best BBQ Party by the Seaside

So if you would like your BBQ party to be a memorable one, plan out everything ahead of time by following some tips and tricks that assist you in throwing a fantastic and organized party while remaining in budget. To make this easy for you, we have prepared a list of such tips and tricks:

Plan it out in the evening

The scorching summer sun during the day produces enough heat to burn your face, especially at the beach. You don’t want to add the heat from the smoking BBQ to worsen the situation. Hence, a summer BBQ party at the beach should always be thrown in the evening, or at night. As the weather gets cool a bit, and the sun becomes more bearable at that time.

Moreover, there is no harsh sunlight entering your eyes and preventing you from enjoying the mesmerizing waterfront view in the evening or night. That doubles the fun and excitement of the party resulting in a more joyous experience.

Do the preparations in advance

Preparing in advance will lessen your anxiety and stress level to a large extent on the party day. Ideally, you should have your menu planned beforehand. Effort should be made to keep a light menu that is not too burdening for you to prepare. You should marinate all the meat, do all the chopping and prepare side dishes the night before the party.

Furthermore, decide the drink you will be serving to your guests with the barbecue and make all the arrangements for its ingredients too. Apart from this, having ideas about keeping the guests busy and entertained is also a practical approach. These ideas can include putting up a volleyball net and arranging for other such outdoor activities that the guests will enjoy.

Focus on seating plans for guests

Standing all the time or sitting on bare sand is preferred by no one when it comes to a beach party of any kind. Having a proper seating arrangement for guests is the most important aspect of a party. In addition to being practical, the seating arrangement should be innovative and stylish. Keep this in mind; nothing can beat the idea of hanging hammocks on the beach for your guests where they can relax under the open sky.

Though attractive to many, this idea of hanging hammocks might seem intimidating to some considering that it will be a fatigue to search for and find the best hammocks. Don’t worry; we have got you covered here. Thehammocklab.com will serve as your ultimate mentor to guide you through the process of finding the best 2 person camping hammock that will fit your needs perfectly and in the price range that is within your budget. This website gives you information related to hammocks in one place, and you wouldn’t have to search any further.

It will provide you with knowledge related to all different types of hammocks available in the market, the purposes they are used for, the materials out of which they are made and the people that it can accommodate. In addition to this, it mentions reviews of different hammock types to give you an idea of real life experience with these hammocks and also entails a blog for your assistance.

How to Throw a Fun BBQ with Your Dog Present

It’s spring time here and that means getting outside and firing up the smoker and grill. And, it means spending more time in the wild world of the outdoors with your dog. If your dog is anything like ours, she gets all kinds of riled up when you throw the meat on the flame. So, to keep her safe and allow everyone else to have a good time, please consider how to throw a fun BBQ with your dog present.

First, be sure that you have purchased a long-lasting, durable leather collar. We like the ones you can find here: https://www.yippr.com/collections/leather-dog-collars. They are premium made but won’t cost you a premium. They come in various sizes just like our best friends do. So, you will be able to find a Yippr premium leather dog collar that fits your pup’s needs and that will help you keep him/her in line while you start up the grill.

How to Throw a Fun BBQ with Your Dog Present

Tips for Making the Most of Your BBQ While Your Dog’s there

Many people consider their dogs their children. However, we aren’t all as doting. So, throwing a big BBQ bash and having to deal with the dog might be a little much. Here are some tips for making the most of your BBQ while your dog’s there:

  1. Treats– Ensuring that you always have dog friendly treats on hand will help you make the most of this BBQ experience. You want to have something available that will deter your pup from all the delicious meat you are smoking for everyone else’s pleasure. In fact, there are brands that make treats look like they have been grilled and include real meat in their ingredient lists.
  2. Designate- Assign someone to be the grill master. That person will be protecting your food. He/She will be keeping eyes on the grill to prevent your dog from knocking it over and ruining all that delicious food. Keeping the fire and the grill away from your dog is serious business and could make or break your festivities. Make sure chairs are far away from all the grilling necessities, meats, etc, in case you have a sneaky climber for a dog. Learn how to be a grill master.
  3. Games– Keep your dog busy while the grill master is maintaining the safety of the vittles. If your dog is actively engaged in a game of fetch, he/she won’t be preoccupied by what’s going on at the smoker. And, you will both be able to burn some calories at the same time.
  4. Hydrate– Dogs don’t sweat like we do. And, chances are, if you’re outside grilling, it’s probably a wee bit warm out there. Be sure to keep the dog snacks out of reach while guaranteeing that water is readily accessible. Read this.
  5. Enjoy- This is a BBQ after all. It needs to be a fun time for all who are participating, even your dog. Put on some music, light some mosquito repelling citronella candles, and throw in some string lights to contribute to the festivities. Create an ambiance that leaves people hungry for the delicacies your grill master is perfecting.

Having an outdoor BBQ party is all about making memories and spending time with the people and pets that matter. Be sure you take the time to enjoy it all. If you need help throwing a great bash, click this.

BBQ and Beer in Toronto

If you live in Toronto, you know that BBQ and beer are big deals. There are restaurants that cater and festivals that showcase the joy of delicious BBQ. The thing about having your own smoker, is that you will need to try different recipes until you get that signature sweet smokiness you are looking for. That means traveling around and trying other people’s versions. You can learn a lot by eating BBQ around Toronto.

And, if you are thinking you might want to make a real adventure of the experience, consider hiring a Party Bus in Toronto. You can enjoy the ride to and from the competition. And, if you are really smart, you could hire one of the great restaurants listed below to offer the catering on your party bus. While you eat BBQ in luxury, you will be on your way to more delectable ribs and chicken.

BBQ and Beer in Toronto

BBQ Restaurants to Visit in Toronto

Toronto has a lot of great BBQ joints to visit. You will undoubtedly learn a good deal about sweet and spice as you sample their delicacies. This will help you on your own BBQ and meat smoking endeavors. Therefore, be sure to visit these great BBQ restaurants in Toronto:

  • The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder- The brisket sandwich is on point.
  • Barque Smokehouse- Make advanced reservations.
  • Woody’s Burgers Bar and Grill– If you are looking for pulled pork this is the destination for you.
  • Smoque ‘N Bones- Reviewers claim that this place has the best BBQ ribs! Check them out, here.
  • Big Smoke Burger- A juicy burger is on the way.
  • Aft- The place to go to for superb brisket.
  • Stack- Maybe you would prefer some soothing baked beans, this is the place for you.
  • Big Crow- Get a half rack for $20.
  • Adamson Barbeque– Patrons say it is real Texas BBQ.
  • Hogtown Smoke- One reviewer admitted he was in a “BBQ coma.”
  • Electric Mud BBQ- They received a certificate of excellence.
  • Appalachia Smokehouse and Bbq– They supposedly have outstanding barbeque.

BBQ & Beer Festivals You Better Not Miss

There are three festivals you need to ensure you do not miss. Plan your party bus excursion to include one of these BBQ & beer festivals as a final destination. Be sure to put these events on your calendar if you really want to access the joy of Toronto’s BBQ & beer scene:

  1. Toronto Ribfest Food and Music Festival– This is a family festival, so consider that when you are planning your party bus entertainment. There’s a special Kid Zone for your wee ones to enjoy while you sample the phenomenal ribs.
  2. The London Beer & BBQ Show– Craft breweries will pair their creations with amazing BBQ. Seminars, live cooking events, and even live music will set this event above the rest. There will be over 100 beverages to sample while enjoying the summer sizzle. Read all about it.
  3. Beach BBQ & Brews Festival– Take a jaunt over to Woodbine Park. It is a free event and is guaranteed to offer you access to some of the best BBQ chefs in Canada. You might even want to get in on the competitions. Learn more.

Now that you know where to go for good BBQ, be sure to employ that party bus to take you. You can’t get more entertained than by a giant party bus full of great BBQ and beer! Besides, you might get some great recipe ideas for your own smoker.

Smoking Meat for the BBQ-ing Genius

You love to barbeque. There’s something about that hot grill, the flame on the coals, or the propane, that warms your very soul. In fact, you’ve become somewhat of a neighborhood hero when it comes to holiday cookouts. People travel from across the county to eat your genius BBQ delicacies.

But, there’s still a hole in your outdoor cooking heart. There’s a spot on the to-do list that just never seems to eek past that position: smoking meat. You’ve smoked plenty of great cigars, and had your fill of wonderfully prepared smoked mullet. But somewhere along the line, you never learned how to do it yourself. Not to worry, you can learn now!

Smoking Meat for the BBQ-ing Genius

Prepping for the Adventure

Understand that like good barbeque, good smoked meat is an all-day endeavor. Set aside the whole of the day to get the smoke, heat and flavors just right. Then pick the right meat. Baby back ribs are not the end all be all too good BBQ. In fact, they might not have much flavor at all. Try using spare ribs instead. Here are some other great meats to smoke.

Next, you’ve got to get wood that will smolder rather than flare up. We recommend finding chunks instead of chips. There are several types of wood to consider: hickory, cherry, oak and apple. And whatever you do, don’t use any sap woods like pine because their smoke can be slightly toxic and will definitely ruin your food.

Once you’ve picked the wood (and you can learn more about that here) you will need to ensure that you have a whole heap of lit coals to keep your smoker at an even temperature. Don’t use lighter fluid to keep it going, or get it started. That imparts a highly undesirable flavor to all your smoked items. You might want to invest in a chimney starter to keep the coals going for the day long meat smoking process.

You can make your rub in the house. As long as you’ve invested in the best air purifier for your home then you’ll at least be breathing clean air for the time you spend away from the smoker. A great recipe for your rub includes: brown sugar, kosher salt, black pepper, lemon pepper, and chile flakes.

Smoking Specifics

Since you’re relatively new to the smoking side of barbeque, we recommend you go with an inexpensive smoker, a homemade one (click this for plans), or a charcoal grill. Put your coals in the bottom damper on one side (if you are using the charcoal grill).

Buy a temperature gauge because you should ensure that your smoker never exceeds 250 degrees. There are $15 laser heat guns available to help you keep track of the temperature.

If you’re using the charcoal grill, once you’ve reached the required temperature, replace the grate and put the meat on the opposite side of the charcoal. The opposite position helps create a vacuum for oxygen cycling through the coals and smoke hitting the meat.

While you’ll probably have to add coals every 30-40 minutes, don’t open that lid for any other purpose. When four hours have passed you can check the meat. If your ribs bounce when you wave them up and down they need more time. If they start to split apart in the middle you’ve cooked them too long. No one will complain but you’d rather them be limp not breaking apart. Glaze ‘em and serve. Your guests will love you for it.