Something Great to Do On a Rainy Day

There are those hard core BBQ men who will do just about anything to ensure their BBQ is a great success. Not everyone has a porch and a lot of BBQ fans rely on the weather for their BBQ get together. When the weather is bad, these BBQ fanatics often resolve to extreme measures to ensure their get-togethers are a success. They invest in creative methods like umbrellas and creating human shields to prevent their grills from soaking out in the rain.   Those who are less enthusiastic can keep all their guests entertained in doors by investing in a ShowBox app which allows them to live stream content from the internet.

Something Great to Do On a Rainy Day

Why live streaming is so great?

Live streaming is the only assured way to get something everyone will love. With all the different tastes in entertainment and the great variety of available content like series, mini-series, movies and videos, you are sure to find something that all your guests will absolutely adore. The greatest part about live streaming is that it allows you choose whatever you want to watch, when you want to watch it. You will never miss the beginning of a show and you can pause the show if someone has to go and make popcorn. There is a wide range of content that is sure to suit all age groups and enough content to keep everyone entertained for hours.

What about the cost?

The amazing thing about ShowBox is that it is absolutely free. There is no app purchase cost, registration fee or membership fee. You can simply download the app and start enjoying all the latest movies, series and mini-series for free. The only costs related to live streaming is the high speed internet connection you will require and the large or uncapped data package that you will need so you can access the internet.

Hardware requirements

It is an extremely flexible app and can operate on all devices like smartphones, i-pads, i-phones, tabs, computers, laptops and Macintosh. You can simply Download ShowBox App to any of these devices and start using it instantly.

Other ways to keep your guests entertained

Board games – This is fun and healthy way to keep everyone busy. Board games teach you to think strategically and improve family and friend relationships and interaction.

Wine tasting – Get everyone to bring a fancy and unknown wine and have some wine and cheese. Wine tasting is great sports and a fantastic way to get to know more about your friend’s likes and their tastes.

Food tasting – Learn to make a new and existing food and invite your guests to sample your new concoction and give their honest opinion.

Host a game night – If you have a game console you could have a standoff game night and take turns to compete against each other in combat or strategic games. Games are a fun way to entertain people from all ages and are a great way to lighten the moods of your household.

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