Requirements for Working at a Payroll Company in Australia

Becoming a payroll manager is quite an important role for those that plan on working in the administration team in a company. You will have a lot of responsibilities and, in some cases, might even need to merge your work with that of the human resources department where you have to oversee the employees’ pay reviews and their employee benefits. If you’re interested in this field of work, this article will inform you of the requirements of working in payroll services Australia.

Educational requirements

This one of those career paths which do not have a minimum entry requirement; however, if you want a better looking CV, then doing Math and other subjects in your GCSEs, and having a certificate from the PPM Foundation in the field of Payroll Administration can be a good idea. If you’re looking to advance in your career and looking to be promoted to the level of a supervisor, then having a Level 2 certificate of AAT NVQ or an IAB certificate in either Computerized Payroll or Payroll would be a good place to start.


However, even if you have zero experience in the field, you can still pursue this career path. However, you do need skills in accounts, managing a team, or bookkeeping to help boost your career. You will be trained on the job, though. So for those with no experience at all, they will learn a lot about the laws, payroll practices, procedures, and company systems during the training period.

As you become more familiar with the tricks of the trade and go up the food chain, you can do more advanced courses and get certificates in those, such as IPPM, Diploma in Payroll Management, etc. As someone working in payroll services Australia, you constantly need to study and ensure that your knowledge of the payroll law and your skills are up-to-date.

Other skills

Aside from having the skills mentioned above, you need to be good with math, but that goes without saying, as you will be expected to do calculations at all times. Aside from that, having some of the following skills can also be helpful in your career advancement:

  • Good skills in communication
  • Good IT skills
  • Good skills in working with a team
  • Logical and clear thinking
  • Good attention to detail and a high accuracy level
  • For a supervisor’s role, you need good management skills as well
  • Respect for matters that are confidential
  • Good with working with deadlines and good skills in organization

Other details

You won’t be working for more than 37 to 40 hours in a week. If you don’t want to work full-time, some places also offer part-time as well as temporary opportunities.

Bottom Line

If you’re serious about a career in a payroll company, you have various different options. Having no experience at all is okay, but if you want to advance quickly in your career, having a few degrees or certifications related to your line of work can benefit you greatly.

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