Surprise Friends with This 40th Birthday Party Idea That Does Not Involve Barbequing

By the time you are turning 40 years old you have probably spent a lot of birthday parties in front of the grill because barbecues are so easy to arrange, just about all of your friends love these types of parties and they are quite affordable.  But someone’s 40th is not just your average birthday.  Not everyone is lucky enough to reach the age of 40 and your friend, spouse or loved one deserves a great party to help them deal with the shock and anxiety of being in his or her 40s.  It is time to hang up the apron and barbeque tools for just this once and to start saving up for a birthday party that will be spectacular and completely unforgettable.

Surprise Friends with This 40th Birthday Party Idea That Does Not Involve Barbequing

Go for a stretch hummer party

Celebrating a 40th birthday party in a stretch Hummer is the ultimate luxury birthday party you can arrange.  Luxury hummers allows you to take 12 – 14 guests along on the cruise and everyone can sit comfortably as they enjoy lots of laughter, great drinks, nightclub lighting inside one of the best looking limousines ever created.  The hummers come in different colors like chrome, purple, pink and white and they are fashioned with the latest entertainment systems that allow you to enjoy karaoke, music videos, smoke machines and much more while you have a blast.  Book now at Perth Stretch Hummers so you can be sure to get your hands on that extra special limousine for an extra special birthday celebration.

Things you can do in a stretch hummer

Hiring a limousine is about much more than just taking a ride in a fancy limousine, especially when you use Perth Stretch Hummers.  Perth Stretch Hummers has the best solutions for the ultimate birthday celebration because you can enjoy the following on your hummer trips;

Swan Valley wine tour – This is the perfect idea for the perfect birthday celebration because everyone can enjoy beautiful scenery of some of the most beautiful wineries in the world, they can enjoy crisp wine tasting and yummy cheeses and the tour also include beer and liqueur tasting as well as a delicious meal and everything happens in a limousine.

Concert connection – You can travel from one amazing concert and performance to another and enjoy luxury journeys while you wait for the next concert to start.  The limousines are also fashioned with terrific sound systems and songs of the artists you are going to see will be played while you journey.

You also don’t need a birthday party as an excuse to hire a limousine because the limousine hire is also suitable for lots of other functions such as corporate functions, social functions, kids parties, hen & bucks night parties, school balls and weddings.  If your birthday isn’t around the corner then you can always find another excuse to enjoy a luxury journey in a fantastic hummer while you take a break from the usual barbeque sessions.