Three Must-Have Knives Every Barbecue Aficionado Needs

Whether you favor offset smokers, gas barbecue grills, or charcoal models, if you are going to prepare and cook high-quality cuts of meat, you need to make sure you are prepared to make all of the cuts necessary. And great cuts require amazing knives. But with some many knives on the market, it can be hard to determine which ones you actually need and which you can pass by.

When push comes to shove, most cooks can perform all of the work necessary with only three kitchen knives. So, before you spend a fortune on fancy knife sets and specialty items, invest in these three knives and see if you can’t get by without the others.

  1. Chef’s Knife

A quality chef’s knife will quickly become your go-to option for most of your kitchen duties. It is designed to handle a wide range of tasks including chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing. In fact, if you keep it properly sharpened, you can even use it to cut through bone.

Chef’s knives come in a range of sizes, often between 6 and 12 inches, so you can pick a size that feels comfortable in your hand and provides you with the necessary control. To be considered a true chef’s knife, it must be at least 1 ½ inches across at the widest point.

  1. Paring Knife

Paring knives are significantly smaller than chef’s knives, often measuring only 3 to 4 inches in length. However, the smaller size helps give you additional control. This is a perfect choice for peeling fruits and vegetables as well as paring. You can also use it to core fruits, score dough, and even trim chicken.

A paring knife provides a level of finesse, so it can be an ideal choice for any activity where a chef’s knife feels to cumbersome.

  1. Bread Knife

A bread knife features a serrated edge, making it ideal for food items that feature one texture on the outside and a different texture within. It gives you the ability to saw at items like crusty bread, so you want to choose an option that is long enough to handle those tasks. If you regularly wrestle with these tougher to cut items, you may want to choose an offset option. The handle location helps ensure you won’t slam your knuckles into the countertop or cutting board as you finish the cuts.

Keep Kitchen Knives in the Kitchen

Once you invest in high-quality kitchen knives, make sure they don’t pull double duty outside of the kitchen. If you need a knife for other common tasks, like opening boxes or home improvement tasks, then you need to invest in a separate knife. Often, some of the best utility knives can offer a wide range of function for other household activities. Then, you can keep the knives that touch your food separate from the ones that touch anything else.

You may also want to invest in two sharpeners for similar reasons. Keep the one that is used on kitchen knives in the kitchen, and a separate one with other tools for utility knives. Again, you don’t necessarily want to have debris from a utility knife mingling with the knives you use for food. When in doubt, keeping these things separate is often for the best.

BBQ and Beer in Toronto

If you live in Toronto, you know that BBQ and beer are big deals. There are restaurants that cater and festivals that showcase the joy of delicious BBQ. The thing about having your own smoker, is that you will need to try different recipes until you get that signature sweet smokiness you are looking for. That means traveling around and trying other people’s versions. You can learn a lot by eating BBQ around Toronto.

And, if you are thinking you might want to make a real adventure of the experience, consider hiring a Party Bus in Toronto. You can enjoy the ride to and from the competition. And, if you are really smart, you could hire one of the great restaurants listed below to offer the catering on your party bus. While you eat BBQ in luxury, you will be on your way to more delectable ribs and chicken.

BBQ and Beer in Toronto

BBQ Restaurants to Visit in Toronto

Toronto has a lot of great BBQ joints to visit. You will undoubtedly learn a good deal about sweet and spice as you sample their delicacies. This will help you on your own BBQ and meat smoking endeavors. Therefore, be sure to visit these great BBQ restaurants in Toronto:

  • The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder- The brisket sandwich is on point.
  • Barque Smokehouse- Make advanced reservations.
  • Woody’s Burgers Bar and Grill– If you are looking for pulled pork this is the destination for you.
  • Smoque ‘N Bones- Reviewers claim that this place has the best BBQ ribs! Check them out, here.
  • Big Smoke Burger- A juicy burger is on the way.
  • Aft- The place to go to for superb brisket.
  • Stack- Maybe you would prefer some soothing baked beans, this is the place for you.
  • Big Crow- Get a half rack for $20.
  • Adamson Barbeque– Patrons say it is real Texas BBQ.
  • Hogtown Smoke- One reviewer admitted he was in a “BBQ coma.”
  • Electric Mud BBQ- They received a certificate of excellence.
  • Appalachia Smokehouse and Bbq– They supposedly have outstanding barbeque.

BBQ & Beer Festivals You Better Not Miss

There are three festivals you need to ensure you do not miss. Plan your party bus excursion to include one of these BBQ & beer festivals as a final destination. Be sure to put these events on your calendar if you really want to access the joy of Toronto’s BBQ & beer scene:

  1. Toronto Ribfest Food and Music Festival– This is a family festival, so consider that when you are planning your party bus entertainment. There’s a special Kid Zone for your wee ones to enjoy while you sample the phenomenal ribs.
  2. The London Beer & BBQ Show– Craft breweries will pair their creations with amazing BBQ. Seminars, live cooking events, and even live music will set this event above the rest. There will be over 100 beverages to sample while enjoying the summer sizzle. Read all about it.
  3. Beach BBQ & Brews Festival– Take a jaunt over to Woodbine Park. It is a free event and is guaranteed to offer you access to some of the best BBQ chefs in Canada. You might even want to get in on the competitions. Learn more.

Now that you know where to go for good BBQ, be sure to employ that party bus to take you. You can’t get more entertained than by a giant party bus full of great BBQ and beer! Besides, you might get some great recipe ideas for your own smoker.

Everything You Need for an Outdoor Kitchen

When you own a home with outdoor space, it is often a dream to add an outdoor kitchen. Not only does this give you more options for entertaining, but it can also be fun to enjoy simply as a family. If you don’t know what you need to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, here are some great places to start.

Barbecues and Smokers

The easiest place to start for outdoor cooking is a barbecue or smoker. You can be self-contained units that will work just as well in a townhouse as in the nicest Canadian Log Homes. Choose the model based on your preferred cooking methods, such as gas, charcoal, or wood. You can also setup more than one if you want to have multiple options for completing different dishes.

Everything You Need for an Outdoor Kitchen

If you want to make something more permanent, you can have a barbecue or smoker built on your property. These can become a permanent fixture and may look more finished than standalone models. This can give you additional options regarding the appearance of the barbecue or smoker, so it can fit in better with the style of your home or yard.

Preparation Space

Having outdoor space dedicated to food preparation is also very useful. This can be a simple table or permanent counters like you find in a kitchen. This gives you surfaces on which you can chop vegetables, trim meats, and much more. Often, this is more convenient than having to travel back and forth from the kitchen and may help the cook be more involved in the social aspects of the gathering.


Outdoor refrigerators are convenient for preparation, food storage, and beverage storage. Again, this eliminates the need to repeatedly go into the kitchen when items are needed, and can make it almost unnecessary for guests to enter your home entirely.

The size of the fridge should be determined based on the size of larger gatherings you intend to host. The more guests, the more food, and drink, is needed, and that can necessitate a larger appliance than small family gatherings.

Serving and Eating Space

What’s the point of having an outdoor kitchen if you can’t easily serve and enjoy the food? With that in mind, you need to make sure you have room to display any completed dishes and allow family members of guests to have access to seating and tables to eat.

Depending on your preferred style, both issues can be managed by a bar-height counter and suitable chairs. You can also add permanent tables or mobile ones. If you intend to host large groups on occasion, a combination of permanent and temporary surfaces and seating may be ideal, as it adds a certain level of flexibility to the space.

Trash Cans

It is easy to forget the need for trash cans when you are focused on food preparation and eating. But, unless you want all of your guests bringing the trash into your home, it is wise to have a few trash cans available throughout your space. You can get by with simple, traditional cans, or choose more attractive options like those you may see in a park. Either way, having a place for all of the trash to go can help keep your outdoor spaces clean, allowing you to enjoy the gathering without worrying about garbage.

Common mistakes people make at a cookout

If it is that time of the year again where people host cookouts and the barbecue works overtime we cannot help but notice the few mistakes guests and hosts make at these backyard functions. It does happen that the cold gusts of winter make our summer entertainment skills a bit rusty. Make your cookout as seamless as possible by reading the following cookout mistakes and avoiding them at your next barbecue.

Common mistakes people make at a cookout

Make sure you have enough ice in a cooler for everyone. This is a big mistake and happens to the best of us at cookouts. The ice runs out and the guests have to deal with warm drinks which aren’t very pleasant on a hot summer’s day spent outside. As a host you should rather have too much ice than too little. We all know that drinks are just as important at a cookout so be prepared with a mountain of ice for cold drinks and cocktails.

Don’t just serve beer. There are many drink options to consider serving at your cookout. Beer shandies for example are delicious and refreshing alternative, it is simple to make with beer and lemonade and everyone loves it. You should also cater for those guests that don’t drink by offering a large variety of non-alcoholic drinks like punch and sodas. Click here for some great non-alcoholic drink ideas.

Starting the fire too late means that everyone will be starving and moody because the food will take too long to prepare. A good time to light the fire is in the middle of the party. This all depends if you are using wood, briquettes or a gas grill. A person should always consider that there might be kids attending and they will get hungry early.

You don’t necessarily have to grill all the food. This might take a lot of time too so overcompensate on salads which can include delicious alternatives like potato salad or Asian noodle. Explore your options and come up with a couple of your own salad recipes or barbecue side dishes. You might be able to join the club on making money online and selling your recipes to blog sites. Anything is possible with a bit of creative thinking.

Vegetables are also very important at a cookout so pick veggies that can be grilled ahead of time. By doing this you will save a lot of preparation time and have enough space to get everyone’s meat cooked. Being in charge of the grill is quite a responsibility and you need all the space you can get. Click here for some great cookout vegetable recipes.

One of the biggest mistakes that a host can make at a cookout is to set the grill and then to leave it. This can leave your guests with meat that tastes like an old boot because it grilled for too long and is dry as a bone. Unfortunately one of the top priorities of the person in charge of the grill is to be on top of it at all times.

Get a Dedicated Server So You and Your Employees Can Enjoy More BBQ Sessions

It takes a lot of work to run a company.  One of the biggest time consuming parts of your company is maintaining your online presence.  It’s hard work to promote your company online and you constantly have to improve your website, blog and social sites to keep people interested.  You don’t have time to struggle with a server host and server space as well.  If you want to give your staff more frequent breaks so they and you can enjoy more barbecue sessions then it is time to consider a dedicated company so your company can flourish and grow easily and smoothly.

Get a Dedicated Server So You and Your Employees Can Enjoy More BBQ Sessions

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is basically a computer that handles all communications between other computers on the same network.  You can rent a dedicated server from a web hosting company and run either a network of computers for your business through the dedicated server or use the dedicated server for web hosting and online stores.

How a dedicated server will help your company

A dedicated server can improve your company a lot.  Dedicated servers are a must for large companies, companies that will expand a lot within the same year and for blogs that receive high volume traffic feeds.  You also need a dedicated server if you are running a major online gaming event or when you have a lot of computers on the same server and need them to be ultimately secure against hacking.  Here are the top ways in which a dedicated server can boost your company’s online presence.

Improved performance – A dedicated server does not share underlying storage with other customers who mean your server will perform a lot faster and will run a lot smoother.

More affordable – Dedicated servers are much more affordable than other server solutions.

You can customize your server – These servers are a lot more flexible.  Your business can grow without hiccups and you can add different software solutions to your hosting service without any trouble.

Better security – Because you are not sharing your virtual server space, you are a lot more secure against hacking.

Easier – The dedicated servers are often a lot easier to run and set up than other solutions.

Get your dedicated server now

If you need good dedicated server hosting in Europe then you should definitely have a look at EuroVPS services.  This fantastic company offers managed hosting solutions such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and managed clusters.  They also specialize in services such as performance enhancement, security improvement, secure backups, mitigation and they have various support plans that will ensure that your websites, social sites, blogs and online stores run as smoothly as possible.

Enjoy worry free barbeque sessions

With a dedicated server, there are fewer worries, less maintenance and you are ultimately secure.  You and your staff can enjoy more off time and you can use this off time for a few barbecue sessions to reward everyone for all their hard work.

Get Everything You Need for a Great Barbecue

Planning a great barbecue involves more than just buying amazing food. You need to make sure that you have all of the supplies needed for an exceptional meal as well as a wonderful outdoor experience. Luckily, there are a number of ways to get your space into tip-top shape before your guests arrive, and some require minimal effort on your part.

Get Everything You Need for a Great Barbecue

To help you determine if you have everything you need, here are some tips to get you started.

Smokers and Grills

No barbecue is complete without a smoker or grill. Whether you prefer to use an offset smoker or a propane grill, having a quality option is critical to preparing delicious meats and sides for your guests to enjoy. If you current only a method of cooking, making sure everything is clean and that you have the fuel you need to complete all of the tasks. For those who don’t have the proper equipment, you may be able to find some great deals during the winter holiday season to help you get the most bang for your buck.

Pools and Spas

Just because the days are getting shorter doesn’t mean it isn’t pool season somewhere. Many parts of the sudden United States have weather that allows year-round swimming. To keep your pool ready for a party all year long, select a robotic pool cleaner to manage this basic maintenance requirement without continuous effort on your part. Many of these machines can be set, allowing you to walk away and tend to other activities. Once the pool has been cleaned, simply follow the instructions for storing the device until it is needed again.

If you live in a cooler area, then keeping your spa in good shape may be more important. Balance any chemicals based on the water you use, and perform basic cleaning duties. If you don’t want to manage the task yourself, you can always hire a local business to manage it for you.

Seating and Surfaces

Every party needs seating and surfaces. Depending on the size of your gathering, you may be able to get by with a picnic table and included chairs or benches. If you are having a larger event, then supplement with additional tables and chairs that can be easily moved during the festivities. Keeping the chairs and tables portable allows guests to adjust based on the conversations or activities at hand, creating a more comfortable and welcoming environment overall.

Games and Entertainment

While the option to keep things purely social is always on the table, you can also add activities to keep guests entertained. Look for simple lawn and outdoor games, and consider options for bringing music into the space. Everything from a game of horseshoes or croquet can be a lot of fun when the game is played amongst friends, and music always keeps the energy moving.

If you dare, consider adding karaoke for some fun. While machines may be intended for indoor use, you can use them outdoors when by keeping the machine off of the ground and under appropriate cover to protect it from the elements.

Drink Containers

Keep drinks cold by providing a number of coolers for use by guests. You can purchase large ones to hold a selection or smaller ones for more personal storage. Either way, you can limit the need for guests to enter the house and use your refrigerator if you provide accessible and convenient alternatives.

Why Sprinter Vans Are Great For Barbecue Lovers

Barbecues are the perfect occasion to discuss your future vehicle.  When you enjoy your barbecue, you and your buddies can share information on the best vehicles to buy now that it is time for an upgrade.  You can find out which vehicles your buddies will find functional and which ones all of your friends would love to own so you can make the best possible decision for you and your family.  So what is the best vehicle for barbecue lovers?  Well, many agree that a sprinter van is one of the best vehicles that functional people like barbecue lovers can own for so many reasons.

Mercedes Sprinter

Start your own company with a van

One of the top reasons to choose a sprinter van above an ordinary vehicle like a car or double cab is the fact that you can use these vans to help out in your company or even as a business on their own.  Your Mercedes sprinter van can be used for so many economic benefits such as construction companies, moving companies, catering businesses, touring companies, delivery services and much more.  The sprinter van is the perfect vehicle to own if you want to have a good backup for an unsteady job because as long as you have one of these vans, you have a way to generate income.

Plenty of space for big families

Most barbecue lovers love barbecues because these events are perfect for keeping an entire and very large family happy and content.  Another big reason why the sprinter van is the perfect vehicle to barbecue fanatics is because of the space.  Vans like the Mercedes passenger van or Mercedes Mini coach van are perfect for hauling around a big family without any arguments.

Easy to handle on the long road

These vans are designed to take on long journeys as smoothly and comfortably as possible.  They are the perfect vans in which to take a holiday if you are a group of people because everyone can sit comfortably and enjoy the ride to their next barbecue spot.

Great look

The Mercedes sprinter vans are gorgeous.  They have an aerodynamic and modern look that suits any setting and gives off a luxurious and stylish vibe that will make you and your family look like classy barbecue folk.

Top sprinter vans to consider

Another great reason to consider Mercedes specifically when you are shopping for a sprinter is the variety of which you can choose.  You can choose any one of the following vans for personal, business or family use;

Cargo Van – These vans are best for delivering lots of goods like with delivery companies and for businesses that do installations or technical services.

Crew Van – The sprinter has five seats and gives you the option to load a lot of stuff which makes it the perfect family van.

Passenger Van – You can fit up to twelve people in these gorgeous vehicles which make it perfect for a touring company.

Mini Coach – This luxury sprinter seats up to 17 people comfortably.

Refrigerated Van – If you would love to start a cratering company then this is definitely the future sprinter to choose.

Starting your own barbecue blog

With the internet and social media there are so many different ways to share our memories with friends and loved ones. We can now post photos and even videos on our social pages and public pages. It makes life fun to read about other people’s ideas on the best meat to grill and how to make the perfect hamburger patties. If you feel you have a family secret recipe that you would like to share with the world or even if you would just like to post your favorite barbecue ideas online why not start a blog?

Starting your own barbecue blog

It is incredibly simple to have your own website and the best part about it is that there are so many websites that actually allow you to register a free site. You will be able to modify the website and add all the content that you would like to share with everyone. A clever place to start is to find one of these platforms that give you access to a free site. Register your details and start getting creative. You will be spoilt for choice with the great variety of themes and options that you have available. There will always be an option to upgrade your membership in order to have access to more options and themes but you will find that the free version is usually pretty sufficient.  Click here for more information on creating a blog.

After registering your new website you would need content to bring your website to life. This is exactly where you need to document all those delicious barbecue recipes and perhaps activities that you usually include on your barbecue days. It is incredibly important to make your new barbecue blog a visual experience for readers so you would need to invest in some great photography equipment. Take a look at these photography tips for beginners in order to get the ball rolling with a great starter kit and also for tips on how to take awesome photos of your scrumptious barbecue meals and of your guests having fun at the cookout. Click here for some fantastic barbecue activity ideas.

Once you have uploaded photos and content you will be able to go live with your site. This is the best part. People can now access your website and read all about your barbecue shenanigans. Be sure to use all your social media profiles to promote your website for example Twitter and Facebook. This will inform all your loves ones and friends of your new website and will also give them access to the link. Give people a platform on your website to leave comments and also share their favorite barbecue ideas. This can only enrich your barbecue experience and turn your website into a whole new social platform that is aimed at educating everyone on the best barbecue experience. Feel free to update your site regularly as there is nothing worse than an old, forgotten and outdated website for regular readers.

90s Shows That No One Missed, Even For Barbecues

In the 90’s barbecues were super popular.  Everyone loved these fun family and friend get-togethers and people went all out with the snacks, salads and desserts.  Garden sports were also extremely big during these fun BBQ sessions and even adults joined in on all of the garden games their kids played.  The main reason why these events were so popular and fun was because there were no real technological distractions. Very few people owned a cellphone and those who did couldn’t really play games on them yet.  But even in these times, people never missed their favorite TV shows.  They still made time for their favorite shows no matter how many guests they had, no matter how great the food was that was grilled and no matter what fun games were played.  The main reason for this, well, the shows back in the 90’s were really good.

90s Shows That No One Missed, Even For Barbecues

Some of the most watched shows

What made 90’s shows so different from our current shows was that they were so much more real than modern TV shows.  The problems, stories and acting of these shows were raw, realistic and people could relate to these circumstances quite easily xenical buy online.  The top 90’s shows that families loved to enjoy on get-togethers were;

7th Heaven – Families loved to watch 7th Heaven.  This popular show ran from 1996 – 2007.  For a whopping 11 years this show captivated families!  Most shows have a hard time to stay afloat for one year but 7th Heaven was popular for 11.  One of the main reasons why this show was so terrific was thanks to Stephen Collins who played the father figure Eric Camden in the show.   His role as a father and his trials, mistakes and difficulties while raising his kids was something that just about any father could relate to.  Stephen Collins played a brilliant fatherly role in this series and many parents drew great wisdom from his lead.

The X-Files – This was a terrific show to catch during BBQ sessions simply because it scared the heck out of everyone which made everyone feel a lot closer together.  The X-Files captivated families for 23 years and is seen as one of the best shows of the 90s.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – While most parents of the 90s tried to keep their kids from watching demonic creatures they simply couldn’t keep their teenagers from watching this show.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the ultimate cool show to watch with your friends.

Friends – Friends was screened from 1994 – 2004 but is still talked about and loved by many women.  It was the best show to catch while preparing the meats and meals for barbecue sessions.

Dawson’s Creek – Dawson’s Creek was viewed from 1998 – 2003.  Everyone was in love with Katie Holmes’s gorgeous yet innocent look and all the women gaped over James Van Der Beek.  The show was severely missed when it ended.

Popular kids shows – While the adults drooled over their soaps, kids never missed popular kids shows like Pinky & the Brain, Rugrats, Hey Arnold and more.  Some of these shows are still found on certain networks to this very day.

Where to Find the Best Barbeque

Barbeque is a meal steeped in tradition. Great examples can be found all across the globe, creating a unique adventure for anyone who wants to sample some of the best from around the world. So, take a minute with DiscountMyFlights, pack a bag, and begin your tour with some of these destinations.

Austin, Texas, United States

While the state of Texas is known for great barbeque, Austin is one of the best destinations in the state for great music and wonderful food. Popular restaurants like Lamberts and Freedmen’s give food tourists a lot to talk about. Try some of the best beef brisket, pulled pork, and ribs the state has to offer while enjoying the cities unique style.

Where to Find the Best Barbeque

Memphis, Tennessee, United States

The city of Memphis boasts around 80 barbeque joints throughout the area. Unlike destinations that tend to focus more on barbeque sauce, Memphis pays special attention to meat selection and various rubs. This makes it different from many other barbeque cities and the locals have practically perfected the dry rub. Take time to visit some of the most recognized establishments like Corky’s BBQ and Cozy Corner. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

While Bali is not the first place that comes to mind when you think barbeque, Ibu Oka would have you thinking it should. The restaurant has courtyard barbeque pits and whole hogs on rotisserie spits. The seasoning choices are appropriate for the region, making it a barbeque experience unlike what you will find in most of North America.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil brings a different spin to barbequed meats, and Sao Paolo has some of the best examples available. Fogo de Chao is particularly well-known in the area. Stop in for picanha to have a taste of something truly representative of the region. The restaurant also has an unconventional tableside manner. Simply turn a medallion over on your place setting to signal you are ready for more, and the churrasquieros will soon be there with some of the best offerings available.

Seoul, South Korea

Korean barbeque is available at restaurants throughout the world, but there is something about having it in the place it was created. Seoul offers a variety of restaurants that have elevated the meal. Frankly, if you don’t take the time to try it, you are certainly missing out. If you are looking for a particular place to go, consider stopping by Samwon Garden. Enjoy their specialty marinade across grilled beef.

Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Kansas City is another town known for its great barbeque. It is believed the tradition began with Henry Perry in 1908 (now Arthur Bryant’s). Since Perry originally hailed from Memphis, you will see some of those flavor influences throughout the dishes. But Kansas City has certainly given it a twist, creating something uniquely theirs.

Lexington, North Carolina, United States

Don’t let the small size of Lexington fool you, it has a lot to offer. In fact, some say the city is responsible for the Western North Carolina style of barbeque that swept the area. You’ll find pork shoulder served in a sauce with a vinegar base with a side of fries or hush puppies. That makes it an authentic experience through and through. Stop by Lexington Barbeque or Jimmy’s Barbeque to sample some of the best.