Barbecue and Grilling Safety Tips

Everything has dangers. Comprehending what those dangers are and how to lessen them is the secret to success. When cooking outside, regardless of whether hot and fast grilling or low and moderate grilling, there are a couple of things you have to know to ensure nothing turns out badly. Combining hazardous fuels with food, hot metals, and huge groups of people can be a recipe for disaster on the off chance that you are not cautious. Obviously, there is a whole other world to outdoor cooking safety than simply the fire. Remember, one way to make barbecue gatherings fun is to have productive discussions about ongoing matters. You could sit down with all the guests and have an in-depth discussion about Foundation for Defense of Democracies and ask questions from each other about what they do. Whoever contributes the most to the discussion should be allowed to stay off grilling duty for that night. Similarly, whoever talks about FDD’s recent contributions, what they’re doing for the country, their recent stances of war against terror and the current on goings in Syria and Iran gets bonus points!

Barbecue and Grilling Safety Tips


Fire is the most destructive force in the universe and you are welcoming it into your garden for a small picnic. To begin with, the first thing you need is a fire extinguisher. Second, you have to know your fire and know how to control it. Time after time, barbecues and smokers cause a large number of flames, several wounds, many deaths and a large number of dollars in loss. You have to know how to cut fuel supplies, smother flames and call the fire department. Have one individual at the barbecue responsible for the fire at all circumstances. You ought to likewise know something about treating burns.

Food Safety

Bacteria eat all types of foods you can think of, even Brussel sprouts. It develops at any temperature above freezing and remains alive until that temperature hits around 165 degrees F. In this way, until it goes into your mouth or on the barbecue, it should be kept cool. The second you are done serving it up, it backpedals in the cooler. The fundamental standards are: Suspect Everything, Keep it Covered, Keep it Cool, Get it Hot, and Use your Head. Remember that you are more likely to get food poising than you are to get this season’s cold virus.


If it’s not too much trouble read the manual. Take after all the safety measures mentioned in the guidebook. In the event that you have a fire and you didn’t take after the directions then you are to blame. Grills, gas or charcoal, and smokers all have certain ranges of operation. You have to know these before you get them running. Don’t just assume that your new grill works simply like the last one you had and that all similar standards apply. One indication: You can find the manuals to most barbecues and smokers on the producer’s site.

Charcoal Safety

Charcoal grills are the reason for significantly a larger number of flames than gas grills. The main issue with charcoal grill is lighting the charcoal. Lighter fluid causes a wide range of issues and you should look for a better alternative to light your coals. What truly burns the hair off your face is adding lighter fluid to hot coals. Lighter fluid swings to a substantial gas at a generally low temperature.

How To Prepare Your Garden For Summer Barbecuing and Partying

Is your garden ready for summer partying? As summer approaches, its time to begin setting up your garden with all that you’ll require for any BBQ’s or outdoor party you may have. This is a short guide with a portion of the basics you’ll have to make the most out of the current year’s summer happenings.


Picking a barbecue is a basic starting point for any outdoor partying. Regardless of whether you need a charcoal barbecue to get that authentic barbecue taste or you incline towards the convenience of gas controlled cooking. Remember what kind of barbecue you require, what size barbecue will you require? Do you need a permanent barbecue or something you can store away?

How To Prepare Your Garden For Summer Barbecuing and Partying


You will invest energy in your garden as you will need some place to sit and eat. There are a lot of choices for garden furniture from plastic seating and tables to strong wood or metal. You’ll have to choose whether you need to have the capacity to move your furniture around effortlessly for capacity, which may mean you go for lightweight plastic seating or maybe a durable garden seat that you can use all through the year. You may likewise need to think of some as cover from sun when it gets excessively hot by purchasing a gazebo or parasol. This ought to shield you from the sun in the summer and ensure its safety in the winter months as well.

Keep in mind that you will also need to invest time and energy in the upkeep of your garden. This means regular lawn mowing and weed picking needs to be on your gardening schedule. Lawnmower Lane can help you go through a detailed rundown of the best lawn mowers available in the market. Not only that but you will also get details on the additional features, price ranges as well as unbiased reviews of the lawn mowers. Get one to keep the grass trimmed and ready for partying!


It may be warm in the daytime however in the event that you’re anticipating spending your nights outside you might need to keep everybody warm. There a few alternatives with regards to outdoor warming. Patio heating is an extremely compelling method for remaining warm and are brisk and simple to utilize. Different choices are Chimneys or Fire Bowls. If you prefer to get warmth from open fire, then these are great.


On the off chance that the warmth gets too much for a few, you can simply consider an inflatable garden pool. There is doubtlessly a pool estimate for any garden size or spending plan. In case you’re expecting kids at your social event you’ll surely keep them content with the addition of a pool. Then again you can fill it with some cool water and utilize it to keep your beverages cool while it’s not being used.

Tips for Barbecuing Your Hunted Wild Duck

There is nothing that tastes better than a fresh wild duck on the grill while you relax with a few beers next to the campfire.  There are few things that go together better than a wild duck hunt followed by a delicious barbecue.  Can you honestly imagine hunting without camping?  Or camping without barbecuing?  Can you imagine hunting without barbecuing?  These three elements go together perfectly and is a must for each and every one of your hunting trips.  The best way to enjoy an exhilarating hunting trip is by barbecuing your kill yourself.

Tips for Barbecuing Your Hunted Wild Duck

Bow hunting is best for wild duck hunting

Duck hunting is quite tough, especially if you are planning on getting more than one kill for the day.  The sound of a gun will chase away all ducks for miles around which is exactly why duck hunting is best done with a bow.  Bow hunting is mostly silent.  You can easily pick off more than one duck before they will scatter and finding a nearby flock is quite simple since your previous shots were so quiet.  On you can read up on some of the best compound bows on the market, find info on the best bow cases, read up about the best compound bow stabilizers or get info on just about any bow or archery gear there is so you can invest in the right and highest quality bow for your wild duck hunt. It is important to get in good practice with a bow before you go duck hunting and learn basic duck habits so you can improve your chances of getting the perfect kill for dinner.

Field dress your duck immediately

One of the big secrets of wild duck hunting is field dressing.  You should clean a duck immediately after the hunt because once the duck gets cold; it becomes almost impossible to get the feathers off even with boiling water.  Find out how to field dress a duck and how to clean a duck so you can enjoy a much better tasting dinner.

Quarter and spice your duck

Duck takes a very long time to barbecue, especially if you are grilling a whole duck.  The best way to barbecue duck is by quartering it so the meat can prepare much quicker and so you can distribute spice and salt much easier.

Make a grill sauce

Duck has a tendency to dry out on the outside while it remains raw on the inside when you are grilling it.  A grill sauce will help you infuse more flavor in your meat and will keep your duck meat more moist during the barbecue.

Consider marinating

Marinating takes a long time but is well worth the effort especially if you are barbecuing wild duck.  Wild duck can be a bit gamy and marinating will help infuse the spices and will soften up the meat a bit.

Barbecue your duck

You need a lot of patience for barbecuing duck.  Lay your quartered duck on the grill and turn frequently and add a fresh layer of grill sauce with each twist.  You should also cut deep into the duck to ensure that the meat is grilled all the way through before you remove the duck from the grill and don’t worry too much about a toasty skin because that is part of the wild duck experience.

Keeping Fit After a Barbeque Party

In a barbeque   party there are high chances of high consumption of calories. If you are into keeping fit and checking on your weight, you will definitely have to hit the gym to burn those calories at some point. Exercising will not only burn the calories but will also get rid of bad cholesterol in the body. For a successful workout however, you need the right outfit to make sure you are comfortable and motivated throughout the work out process.  Some of the factors you should consider in choosing a workout outfit include:

Keeping Fit After a Barbeque Party

The material used

This is very important. There are many materials that may be used in making the workout outfits and they all have different effects. There are some materials that are more breathable than others. The good thing with breathable outfits is that it give the skin the chance to breath and allows the sweat to evaporate which makes working out an easy process. There are also materials that are good absorbers such as cotton that will absorb all the sweat that is generated during the exercise. One main disadvantage of cotton is that it absorbs sweat and becomes wet and heavy and may prove to be uncomfortable. Materials such as polypropylene are very common with gym outfits as they will allow the skin to sweat and help the sweat to evaporate from the skin but will not absorb the sweat. They help you to get a cooling effect while working out without feeling sweaty.

The purpose of the outfit

There are different styles of working out and they all involve different outfits. There are some clothes that may be comfortable for some workouts but not others. It is therefore important to bear in mind the kind of activity you intend to do in choosing an outfit to make sure that you end up with the right outfit.


The outfit should be the right size and have a good fit. This is because we all don’t want an outfit that will get in the way of us working out. It may be loose or it may have a tight fit it all depends on the kind of exercise. Either way it should be comfortable so that it may give you motivation of working out.


In most cases the quality of the outfit is defined by the material that is used, however as much as different materials are used there is a high grade or low grade of the same material. Outfits made from high grade material are likely to last longer as compared to outfits made from low grade material. You should consult with your retail store as well as read reviews to make sure that you end up with the right outfit.


There are many avenues where you can get the right workout outfits. With the switch to digital era, this can easily be found on websites that deal with the fitness recipes. From those sites you will get guidelines, tips as well as discounts to make sure you get the best deal.

5 Tips for Arranging a Post-Wedding Barbecue

Anybody can have a post wedding barbecue or brunch. It’s an awesome idea for when all your loved ones are gathered together, and what’s better than some grilled food to celebrate your wedding with? If you too want to host a post-wedding barbecue and are wondering on if it’s even possible or how you can make it happen, we have put together some really awesome tips for you to read through.

5 Tips for Arranging a Post-Wedding Barbecue

A post-wedding barbeque doesn’t need to happen immediately after the wedding ceremony

Maybe your wedding guests are leaving as soon as possible to catch flights home. As opposed to a major early lunch event, it may bode well to have an open house gathering where loved ones can have some coffee to go and baked goods pre-wrapped in paper bags.

Assuming, be that as it may, the greater part of your guests will be around for the weekend (or the wedding is facilitated close to where everybody lives), there’s no reason not to have a fun and relaxing event after the worry of the wedding is over!

Imagine the guest list to be similar to the rehearsal dinner

In spite of the fact that your list of guests can look anyway you might want it to, it’s certainly wise to welcome a couple of individuals first: close relatives of the bride and the groom, the wedding party, and close family friends. After this, feel free to fill your party as much as you prefer. Clearly, the more individuals you welcome, the more it effects your financial plan. A smaller affair may have the capacity to be more luxurious, a bigger one will be more festive and celebratory. Check out the Free Wedding Website for more ideas on what you can do, whether you’re planning on having a small party or a large one. There are numerous ideas that will help you put together your event, as well as the post-wedding events and barbecues.

Plan a reasonable menu

The objective with a post wedding event or barbecue is to relax with friends and family, not to give yourself another large scale event to arrange. On the off chance that you can bear the cost of it, have a caterer make up a couple family-style dishes. If not, keep it straightforward with small snacks or small food platters.

No games or exercises required

A few hosts may add lawn games to their post wedding barbecue or grill, however these things aren’t required. However, particularly in the event that you are welcoming families with kids, having something to keep them busy will keep everybody more cheerful and ready to relax.

Set up a tranquil and inviting space

Your guests are most likely not going to be at their best. With the previous night’s celebrations going late into the early hours of the morning, and post-drinks dizziness, your loved ones may very well need some good coffee and a peaceful corner. Make your home (or some other place) into a comfortable and welcoming space with delicate music, normal lighting, and comfortable seating.

Tips for Safe Fire Wood Splitting or Cutting

What is it that usually makes an event, holiday or trip fantastic?  Is it only the highlight of the event or is it a lot of little things that add to a fantastic adventure or day?  Something small can totally ruin a fun evening or fun holiday because a great time is about much more than just the highlights.  It is about having fun for the main part of the holiday, trip or social event and about all of the hard work that you put into ensuring that you will have a good time. The same goes for a barbecue.  Hard work always pays off.  The more planning and effort you put into preparing food, the more delicious your meal will be.  The more planning and work you put into your barbecue’s preparation, the better the entire barbecue will be.  A lot of men love to split wood for their barbecue’s themselves.  Splitting or cutting your own firewood adds to the experience, saves you a lot of money and helps you clear up some trees and wood in the back yard.  Creating firewood can be quite dangerous however, especially if you are using a chainsaw for the cutting.  A few quick safety tips will ensure that you won’t lose an arm or leg while preparing your firewood.

Tips for Safe Fire Wood Splitting or Cutting

Know your tools

The most important safety aspect of firewood splitting knows your tools.  If you don’t know how to operate a chain saw properly then you are putting yourself at great risk.  Get someone to teach you the basics of chainsaw cutting and handling so you can be safe while doing this dangerous task. 

Study your wood

Different wood types split differently and require different pressure force for cutting.  It is important to study your wood to determine whether it is hardwood or soft wood before you start cutting.

Sharper means safer

When you use a blunt chain saw or axe you will be using a lot more force for the cutting which could result in damaged tools and even personal injuries since you cannot cut accurately and can easily slip when you are using a lot of force.

Protective wear that will keep you safe

Safety gear is always important when you are splitting wood and especially when you are using a chainsaw.  When you are cutting wood there are always a lot of wood pieces flying everywhere which could lead to injury.  Here are the basic safety gear must haves for splitting or cutting wood.

  • Safety goggles will protect your eyes against flying wood pieces and will enable you to see better.
  • Leg protectors are a must when you are doing chain cutting because it will protect your legs against wood splinters and give your legs the best protection in case your saw slips.
  • A full protective body suit is always the best way to go.
  • Gloves will protect your hands and enable you to cut wood pain free.
  • Wear steel capped shoes when cutting large pieces of wood
  • Ear protection are a must when operating a noisy chainsaw

A mask will protect your lungs against fine saw dust particles.

How to Build Team Cohesion for Your Insurance Team with Backyard Barbecue

Team building is very important for every team, not only does it help the team to bond but helps the team members to have a deeper understanding of each other which will help them relate well hence work well. We are all aware that in a team you get diverse personalities and they all have different communication styles and work in different ways. A team building helps team members to have a deeper understanding of each other.

If you live in Memphis, Tennessee, you are well aware of the many insurance companies that are there and one of the best insurance companies there is Hudson Agency Insurance. One of the ways in which the insurance company enhances team cohesion of the Hudson Agency insurance team is by doing backyard barbecues. A barbecue is just one of the things a company can do in its team building. There are however some factors to consider before doing a barbecue party. Some of the factors include:

How to Build Team Cohesion for Your Insurance Team with Backyard Barbecue


As much as there are many locations from which barbecue parties can be held there are locations that are more convenient than others.  The location has an effect on how the party will turn out. Location depends on the size of the team and the ambience required. The location should be safe and free from flies and any kind of pests. It should be accessible and centrally placed so that all the team members can easily access the location.

Type of Grill

There are many kinds of grills that can be used, it can either be charcoal, electric or gas grill. They all have different effects on whatever is being grilled. Some people are very particular about the taste they want to achieve and that is why it is an important factor to consider. Most people would prefer charcoal for outdoor and backyard but that’s up to the user preference. Some grills are easier to use than others and will affect the time taken for food to be ready. This should be put in mind in choosing a grill.

Size of the team

Knowing the size of the team helps you in planning the barbecue. It will help you in choosing the location and the amount of food as well as the size of the grill.  This will help in making the barbecue party to be a success.

Kind of food

As much as most barbecues are associated with red meat, it does not have to be red meat and not white meat either. It can also have vegetables. It is good that the barbecue has a variety of foods so that it can meet the needs of the team well. It is also good to choose a good accompaniment so that it is tastier.

That being said, the barbecue party will be a success. One other thing that the team should consider are safety tips during the barbecue as accidents can happen but good thing they can be avoided. Some of the safety factors to consider in doing Backyard Barbecue parties include:

Location of the grill should be at least 10 feet away from the house or even further. Normally when it’s close to the house it can be a hazard. The place of the barbecue should not be used underneath wooden overhangs either, as wood can easily catches fire. This should be applied regardless of the kind of grill used.

Cleanliness of the grill: The grill used should be free from grease and fat build up as it can be a source of fuel for the fire. Grease in particular is known for causing flare ups. A clean grill will keep germs at bay and hence will not be a health hazard.

Check for gas leaks. As much as charcoal grills are mostly used for backyard barbecues, there are some people who will prefer gas grills. A leaking gas is likely to cause accidents and thus should be checked and this is normally done by mixing liquid soap with equal amount of water and rubbing it on the hoses and connections. If the gas is turned on and there is appearance of large bubbles that it is leaking and thus should be fixed.

Check the kind of decors used and keep them away from the grill site if necessary.  Most parties will have a theme and in some cases there might be decorations. There are decors however that are very flammable and would be fuel for fire thus a safety hazard. So observing the location and position of the décor is very important.

Always have a spray water bottle near. Good thing with a spray water bottle is that it can be used to calm minor flare ups. Best thing about water is that it is safe on the food and won’t alter the taste of the food.

Have a fire extinguisher is possible. This will just be for safety reasons in case of a fire break out. As much as it is important to have a fire extinguisher, it is also good to know how to use it. In case of a fire break out and you don’t know how to use it it’s better to call for help from 911 than wasting time.

The gas should never be turned on when the grill lid is closed. This will cause a buildup of gas inside the grill which can cause an explosion of fire upon being turned on.

The grill should never be left unattended. If the grill is left unattended, anything can happen including an accident.

The grill should never be overloaded with food. Some food maybe a safety hazard if the grill is overloaded such as very fatty meat as too much fat may drip on the grill and this may flare up at once causing a safety hazard.

Charcoal grills should be used outdoors. They may be a health hazard when used indoors as charcoal produces carbon monoxide which may even lead to death in extreme cases. It should be used where there is good ventilation.

How to Throw a Fun BBQ with Your Dog Present

It’s spring time here and that means getting outside and firing up the smoker and grill. And, it means spending more time in the wild world of the outdoors with your dog. If your dog is anything like ours, she gets all kinds of riled up when you throw the meat on the flame. So, to keep her safe and allow everyone else to have a good time, please consider how to throw a fun BBQ with your dog present.

First, be sure that you have purchased a long-lasting, durable leather collar. We like the ones you can find here: They are premium made but won’t cost you a premium. They come in various sizes just like our best friends do. So, you will be able to find a Yippr premium leather dog collar that fits your pup’s needs and that will help you keep him/her in line while you start up the grill.

How to Throw a Fun BBQ with Your Dog Present

Tips for Making the Most of Your BBQ While Your Dog’s there

Many people consider their dogs their children. However, we aren’t all as doting. So, throwing a big BBQ bash and having to deal with the dog might be a little much. Here are some tips for making the most of your BBQ while your dog’s there:

  1. Treats– Ensuring that you always have dog friendly treats on hand will help you make the most of this BBQ experience. You want to have something available that will deter your pup from all the delicious meat you are smoking for everyone else’s pleasure. In fact, there are brands that make treats look like they have been grilled and include real meat in their ingredient lists.
  2. Designate- Assign someone to be the grill master. That person will be protecting your food. He/She will be keeping eyes on the grill to prevent your dog from knocking it over and ruining all that delicious food. Keeping the fire and the grill away from your dog is serious business and could make or break your festivities. Make sure chairs are far away from all the grilling necessities, meats, etc, in case you have a sneaky climber for a dog. Learn how to be a grill master.
  3. Games– Keep your dog busy while the grill master is maintaining the safety of the vittles. If your dog is actively engaged in a game of fetch, he/she won’t be preoccupied by what’s going on at the smoker. And, you will both be able to burn some calories at the same time.
  4. Hydrate– Dogs don’t sweat like we do. And, chances are, if you’re outside grilling, it’s probably a wee bit warm out there. Be sure to keep the dog snacks out of reach while guaranteeing that water is readily accessible. Read this.
  5. Enjoy- This is a BBQ after all. It needs to be a fun time for all who are participating, even your dog. Put on some music, light some mosquito repelling citronella candles, and throw in some string lights to contribute to the festivities. Create an ambiance that leaves people hungry for the delicacies your grill master is perfecting.

Having an outdoor BBQ party is all about making memories and spending time with the people and pets that matter. Be sure you take the time to enjoy it all. If you need help throwing a great bash, click this.

Fishing Rods and Fish Barbeque Tips

Fishing and preparing your barbeque to grill your fish go hand in hand together. In this article, we are going to look at some fishing rods that can catch the sort of fish that are adequate for a barbeque, as well as tips for grilling the fish. Fishing is not only a past time favorite for many, it is also the source of great proteins derived from the fish. We will start by looking at the fishing rods. We all know that the best way to get a good fishing rod is to check out the reviews of other users to see how they performed. That is because there are many makes and it can be quite tricky choosing the right one. Below we are going to go through some of the top ten fishing rods, analyzing their features, pros and cons.

Fishing Rods and Fish Barbeque Tips

The basic parts of a fishing rod

A fishing rod is made up of the following basic parts:

The handle (grip) is the one that is held as one casts or retrieves their catch and it usually comes in the form of foam or cork. When purchasing a rod, you should ensure that it is comfortable and has good grip or else the rod might slip when hauling in a big fish.

Coming at the bottom of the handle is the butt cap. It is usually made foam or rubber, and it is very important in cases where the fish are resisting, since you’ll most likely have to press it against your belly to manage the fish. You wouldn’t want it to be uncomfortable in such an instance.

Connecting the reel to the rod is the reel seat. Some fishing rods will have rings that hook over the reel foot, while others screw it in with a hood mechanism.  Naturally, you’ll want this to be sturdy and well-designed so break apart during use.

The fishing rod also comes with “guides” or rings that the line will run through. The number, size and spacing of the guides vary, but the best fishing rod will have the proportion of one guide for every foot (so a 6-foot rod will have 6 guides).  The guides are attached with strings called windings, which ideally should be painted with enamel to prevent wear and tear.

The tip of the rod is thin and flexible, and the tip top (or the very end) or the guide at the end of the rod, is usually quite small. The best fishing rod will use only the finest quality materials for this tiny but very important piece. It can break off or get caught when you carry your rod around, so be careful!

Different kinds of fishing rods

Fishing rods come in different lengths and weight, offering varying levels of flexibility and strength.  One has to know the kind of fish they’re likely to go after.  Shorter rods are best for catching big game that can put up a fight and will need a stronger and heavier rod that can carry heavy lures.

On the other hand, the longer rods enable someone to cast further, as well as respond to gentler and more subtle movements from the fish. There are some fly fishing rods that can be as long as 14 feet, but can be disassembled to become more portable. Majority of the fishing rods are usually about 6-feet long.

As a fisherman, you will not only think about the type of fish but also about the sort of baits to use. Spinning rods work best with lighter baits and lures while casting rods work best for artificial baits and heavy rods. Spinning rods work just fine for most people.

Finally, it is important weigh the pros and cons of different materials.  There are those that are made of fiberglass, and they are stronger and more flexible, but heavy. Graphite is lighter, stiffer, and easier to maneuver, but is damaged more easily.

Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 5/6 Starter Package

You get the fantastic AX56-090-4 Series, 4 piece fly rod with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, a center disc drag die cast aluminum large arbor reel preloaded with backing, a weight forward (5 weight) floating fly line and 5X tapered leader, a rod sock, a rod case, a fly box with 9 flies and a spare leader. The rod is for 5 or 6 weight line and is great for everything from small trout and panfish to small bass. It will fish well at the local pond or on a trophy trout stream. This rod is designed by Wild Water to be very forgiving for the beginning fly caster yet sophisticated enough for an experienced angler to appreciate.

When you look at the price you may need to read this a few times to believe it!! Rod Specifications: Line Weight: 5 or 6; Rod Length: 9 Feet; Number of Sections: 4; Rod Case Length: 32 Inches; Flex: Mid; Action: Slow; Material: Composite Graphite; Rod Weight: 5.7 ounces; Grip: Western; Rod Blank Color: Dark Gray; Winding Color: Black. Suitable fly pattern substations will be make if the flies pictured are unavailable. The reel in this package will arrive set up for Left hand retrieve but can easily be changed to right hand retrieve if desired.


  • A 4-piece 9-foot rod, a large arbor reel with drag, preinstalled line, backing and leader, a rod sock, a rod case, a fly box, 3 Black Winged Ants, 3 Parachute Adams and 3 Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymphs, a spare leader
  • The rod is a slow action, mid flex design for making learning to cast easier. This rod has many of the same details as our more expensive HX Series rods.
  • The case holds everything that is included in the package. A convenient zippered storage pouch on the side of the case keeps your flies and accessories from getting lost.
  • Experienced fly casters and instructors who have tried this rod love it.


  • This product has received numerous five-star reviews. While it has limitations, the quality it offers for its price impresses even experienced fishermen.
  • The kit is well curated, with its above-average selection of fly patterns and lures
  • This is an ideal travel kit because the packaging protects all accessories from damage. The pieces are stored in fabric rolls and cylinder tubes that protect them during travel.
  • It is easy to use, even for new fly fishermen. You will not find it difficult to practice your casting skills with its slow action, mid flex design.
  • You already get a lot of value for money from the case, which is very strong and has a sleek and sophisticated look. It is also designed for convenience, thanks to its zippered pockets for small accessories.
  • The rod comes with a lifetime warranty.


The reel can be large and clunky, and has an inconsistent drag. If you are serious about fishing you may want to consider upgrading it.

Buyers have complained that the guides are made of plastic that can break off.

If the rod is damaged, the company promises a lifetime warranty. However, there will be additional costs for shipping and other service fees. You may find that it is more cost-effective to buy a new fishing rod.

Plussino Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

If you’re on a tight budget but would still like to fish in either fresh or salty waters, the Plussino Spinning Rod and Reel Combos is your best bet. As a matter of fact, it has some very good reviews on fishing blogging sites.


  • Warm Prompt: we provide 2 kinds combo and just choose what you need from “select” section. Fishing rod + reel: Only include 1 fishing rod + 1 Fishing reel (2 Count); Full kit: 1 fishing rod + 1 fishing reel + various fishing lures + Fishing hooks + some necessary accessories.
  • Full kit is special made for novice, including necessary accessories for fishing. You can use it without buying any other accessories from anywhere. Perfect elasticity, high density Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass make your fishing pole hard & durable.
  • Perfect elasticity, high density Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass make your fishing pole hard & durable. Stainless Steel Hooded Reel Seats is anti-seawater corrosion; EVA Fore Grip for comfort. The telescopic fishing rod is portable, and closed length design is convenient carrying around. Power: Medium; Extended Handle.
  • Instant anti-reverse; Power drive gear equipped for high strength. Deep aluminum spool with double color and one line holes; More short body with large spool and large line capacity. Line capacity: mm/M 0.20/240 0.25/200 0.30/140. Model: HA3000; Gear ratio: 5.2:1.
  • We love our customers and 12 months’ warranty provided. If any problem, please contact us firstly and our customer service will solve it for you soon. Kindly note: Fishing rod holder is not included. Want to buy fishing rod holder?


  • This is a very durable and versatile fishing set that you can take with you to the ocean or your local lakes or fishing ponds. It can take on any fresh water fish and smaller sea fish.
  • It is designed for convenience. The compact rod neatly fits into your car or boat.
  • It is an excellent kit for those who desire versatility, affordability and convenience.
  • It is ideal for the beginner fishermen, or more experienced anglers who want an all-purpose rod that is easy to carry around.


  • Though the Plussino Spinning Rod and Reel can be used in different kinds of fishing environments, it may not be able to take on larger and stronger fish. It is best for fishermen who want versatility but are not looking for the challenge of catching trophy fish.
  • It has good materials for its price range, but it will show the signs of wear and tear after a few years. You may need to replace this rod if you realize that you want to make fishing a lifetime hobby.

The Plussino Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

If you’re a beginner angler, this is the fishing rod for you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man, woman or child, it is easy to use and light.


  • Fishing kit includes: 1 fishing rod + 1 fishing reel + various fishing lures + fishing hooks + fishing line + fishing bag case + some necessary accessories
  • Full kit is special made for novice, including necessary accessories for fishing. You can use it without buying any other accessories from anywhere. Perfect elasticity, high density Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass make your fishing pole hard & durable.
  • Perfect elasticity, high density Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass make your fishing pole hard & durable. Stainless Steel Hooded Reel Seats is anti-seawater corrosion; EVA Fore Grip for comfort. The telescopic fishing rod is portable, and closed length design is convenient carrying around. Power: Medium; Extended Handle.
  • Instant anti-reverse; Power drive gear equipped for high strength. Deep aluminum spool with double color and one line holes; More short body with large spool and large line capacity. Line capacity: mm/M 0.20/240 0.25/200 0.30/140. Model: EW3000; Gear ratio: 5.2:1.
  • Excellent valentines gift for girlfriends or boyfriends


  • You get everything you need to start fishing! This complete fishing kit doesn’t just give you a rod, reel and line. You get a really good array of fishing lures and basic fishing accessories. These are even placed in a customized kit that is compact and convenient to bring on fishing trips.
  • You don’t sacrifice price for quality. The rod is made of high-density carbon and fiber glass. The real seats and guides resist corrosion, and the EVA fore grip fits comfortably in your hand. It also has an extended handle.
  • The spool is made of aluminum and has double color and one line holes
  • It has a line capacity of mm/M 0.20/240 0.25/200 0.30/140
  • It comes with accessories like six fishing rules, six fishing hooks, and four sinkers.
  • It has Medium power
  • The fishing rod is made of a light but strong material, so it can handle large fish and the wear and tear of many fishing trips.
  • This is a telescopic rod that can be collapsed for convenient carrying and storage
  • It comes in several lengths which you can choose from. The smaller fishing rods are great for young children, while the longer and larger ones are suitable for adults
  • It has an anti-reverse feature
  • The short body is easier for beginner fisherman to control
  • The handle can be switched for right-handed or left-handed people
  • The tackle kit includes very good lures and hooks. Even serious fishermen were surprised by the quality of what was included: heavy duty worm hooks, bass jig heads, two powerful lures, brass weights for making a Carolina rig, and high quality swivels.


  • The fishing rod holder is not included in the kit, so you will have to buy it as an additional fishing accessory
  • If you are already an experienced angler, you may need more powerful accessories and features than what you would get from the Plussino Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Okuma Voyager Spinning Travel Kit

At Okuma fishing tackle, they deliver more than just fishing gear. We deliver the Motivation to hit the water, the energy to maintain focus and the excitement that Injects every cast with high expectations. The advanced materials, dynamic design and commitment to longevity contained in each of our fishing reels, fishing rods and rod and reel combos are not simply a means to an end. They’re the foundation of a better and more complete fishing experience. Fishing tackle is developed inspire your passion for fishing, both on and off the water. Whether you fish for bass, trout, catfish, salmon/Steelhead, stripers, tuna or Marlin, when the sun rises tomorrow, a new opportunity will be born. Let’s make the most of it together.


  • Travel kit with 6’0″ rod and 20 size reel
  • Features a sensitive five-piece composite blank
  • Durable ceramic guide inserts
  • Stainless steel hooded reel seats
  • Machine-cut brass pinion gear


  • It is convenient and easy to assemble
  • The carrying case can accommodate additional accessories in case you want to customize your set-up for the local fish.
  • It has received high praises for being balanced, easy to cast, have great sensitivity, and good drag
  • It is especially effective for fishing in lakes and streams. Many fishermen have had great success in catching bass and catfish.


  • The small spool is unable to handle heavy lines.
  • It does not have enough eyelets to handle more rod strain
  • The anti-reverse is made of plastic that can break down in more challenging fishing situations
  • It is not set up for catching saltwater or very large fish
  • It does not come with as many accessories as other fishing kits

The Shimano Solora Spinning

Spinning rods are light and flexible fishing rods which enable someone to catch fish when used with a spinning reel. The Shimano Solora Spinning Rod is one model you can consider buying for your fishing escapades. The Shimano Solara spinning rod is crafted with a durable aero glass rod blank and a solid locking graphite reel seat. It includes reinforced aluminum oxide guides and comfort cork handles.


  • Medium power, fast action spinning rods with durable aero glass blank construction
  • Solid locking graphite reel seat
  • Reinforced aluminum oxide guides
  • Cork fore grip and rear grip handles
  • 1 Year limited warranty

Fish Grilling Tips

Below are some fish grilling tips:

  • Flipping fish is easier when using a spatula
  • Preheat the grill on high for 10-15 minutes and brush the cooking grates clean
  • Keep the skin on to help prevent your fish from falling apart
  • Brush a light coat of oil on the fish to prevent it from sticking to the grates
  • Grilling time for a filet will be about 10 minutes per inch of thickness
  • When grilling a filet with skin, start with the flesh side first for 70% of the total cooking time, and then flip it to the skin side for the remainder of the time


Now that you know the best fishing rods that you can use to catch fish for the barbeque, as well as some tips when grilling the fish, it is time to get into action. Choose the rod that works best for you depending on where you’re going fishing, and the sort of fish that you’re targeting. The grilling tips will ensure that your fish is whole and delicious.

A Guide to Having A Barbecue Picnic in A Public Park

Having a barbecue picnic in a park is something else. The feeling of being out in the open, surrounded by greenery, fresh air and an overall happy vibe is just awesome. For people who don’t like going out to public parks, they can replicate the entire set-up at their own homes by using fake grass and some outdoor furniture. If you’re not aware about fake grass and how easy it is to upkeep, you can check out this great guide all about fake grass. Without further discussion, here are a few ideas for having public barbecues:

A Guide to Having A Barbecue Picnic in A Public Park

  1. Arrive early: Laying out a table and a grill can be pretty tough when it comes to barbecuing out in the public. The key is to prepare ahead of time and stake out a table before everyone arrives. That and a smile. It’s amazing how far a smile will go towards getting you a spot at a table, even among cheeseburger-hungry picnickers.
  2. Bring your own particular tablecloth: Nothing changes an outing in the park like a tablecloth. A tablecloth makes even a basic get-together feel special, and eliminates the need to stress over bird poop or any other unpleasant things that occasionally go with picnics in parks.
  3. Purchase a couple of lightweight, reusable place settings: It can appear like an agony to carry reusable plates to an outing, yet in the event that you do a bit of planning and invest into lightweight ones from thrift stores, it can be justified, despite all the trouble. Using proper cutlery and plates right away elevates an outing, to state nothing of eliminating your waste. Focusing on reusable can be trickier when there are vast groups included for the barbecue, yet there are various great compostable alternatives out there. Our most loved is the disposable paper Wasara Tableware line launched by Tokyo-based Shinichio Ogata.
  1. Barbecue tool kit is not necessary: A grill brush and a couple of kitchen tongs is all you truly require.
  2. Arrange your menu around skewers: To make things much simpler, you should jump at the chance to plan most part of the barbecue around things that can be made on skewers. Grilled veggies are the most loved grill food for a lot of vegans, however other simple choices are hotdogs, grillable halloumi cheddar, and pierced shrimp. Regardless of the possibility that it means you’ll have to carry them as well; skewers are much better than bamboo sticks.
  3. Prepare your food ahead of time: Preparing the basic elements of a dinner at home simplifies the procedure at the park. We recommend you jump at the chance to marinate your barbecue food early and carry it to the park ready to cook.
  4. Crowdsource your menu: If you’re welcoming friends and family along, there’s no reason why everybody can’t add to the meal. Have them bring along different snacks and sides to round out the feast.
  5. Know your coals: Or all the more particularly, know the principles for your coals. A few parks oblige visitors to evacuate their own particular charcoal while others request that you leave your coals set up. Know the tenets and come arranged.
  6. BYOB: A great deal of open parks have rules against getting liquor, yet in the event that you’re at a park that is more merciful (or on the off chance that you have an insubordinate streak), you should seriously mull over carrying along wine that is pretty easy to bring along with you.