Enjoy Sup Paddling While You Barbecue

Are your barbecues becoming a bit boring?  Well, barbecues with the same friends that only have the same adventures to share can get dull pretty quick.  Sure, you can always jazz up your barbecues by trying new salad recipes, new deserts or even bizarre meats to grill but in the end everyone will always end up in front of the grill, saying the same things and doing the same things.  A great way to make your barbecue sessions a bit more thrilling is to take your barbecue to the shoreline or lake and enjoy sup paddling before you start barbecuing.

Enjoy Sup Paddling While You Barbecue

Why choose sup surfing as an extra activity

Sup paddling is tremendously popular right now.  You can find images of people sup surfing on just about every social media site, adventure blog and magazine simply because you can do so many different things with just one sup.  This makes a sup the best thing in which you can invest for a bit of a different barbecue.

Shop the best sup

There are quite a few different types of sups that you can buy although most sups can be used for a great variety of activities. You can choose between surf sups, all-round sups, flatwater sups and race sups.  Racing sups are some of the most popular sups that people buy because you can also use your sup for competing in sports and sup racing can be done in any lake or pond where other sup sports like surfing require good sea waves.  For the best SUP race paddle boards you can check out the reviews on WavesChamp which will give you a good idea of the functionality, quality, price and size of the different race sups.

Learn to use your sup

It is incredibly easy to learn to use a sup.  You should be able to grasp the basics in just a few minutes.  Sup surfing, however, is a lot harder because it is a lot like general surfing which requires a lot of balance and you need good waves to enjoy sup surfing. 

Choose an inflatable sup so you can take it anywhere

The main reason why sups have suddenly become so popular is due to the fact that they are now inflatable.  You can take your sup anywhere because they fold into a small carry bag that you can fit into any vehicle and store away easily in a close tin your home.  With this new functionality everyone near and far from a water source are investing in sups because the sups can be taken on so many different holidays.

Top adventures to enjoy on a sup

There are lots of different sup adventures that you can try while you and friends are enjoying a barbecue.  The top adventures to try includes sup surfing, sup golfing, sup yoga, sup racing, sup picnics and just casual sup paddling and exploring.  You can also use your sup on a daily basis to get fit by simply getting in a good paddling session each day.

Tips to become a Barbecue Master

Everyone loves a barbecue and it is no secret that we all strive to deliver the most delicious barbecue. It is tricky to get the food at just the right texture or to leave people wanting more. It is said that with barbecue you need practice as with anything else. You might have to get through a hundred steaks to deliver the perfect one. Experience and cooking the same thing many times will give you the opportunity to deliver a scrumptious meal and let your guests wonder why their barbecue never tastes as good.

Tips to become a Barbecue Master

The gas or charcoal debate

First of all you need to decide what works best for you when preparing food and getting a barbecue ready. It is said that gas and charcoal delivers very different results. Think about it this way, if you use gas you are basically utilizing the same method you would while cooking on your gas stove in your home. It is a much simpler and faster way to get your guests fed at your barbecue. It is however great to grill over charcoal if you are looking for that exceptional taste. It does take longer but the results are usually successful. The heat is controlled by moving the coals around and getting the temperature just right. Read more about charcoal grilling here.

Clean is better

Very few potential barbecue masters realize that a clean grill is incredibly important. The heat will transfer better and you don’t have to worry that you are cooking the foods on old grease. A great way to make sure your food is delicious is by running a peeled onion over the grill. It cleans the grill and gives the food a great taste. You as the chef also need to be dressed for success by taking a look at these stylish Chef Aprons that will make your grilling experience even better. No one said you have to wear an old greasy and grimy apron to deliver the best barbecue. If you want to look like a barbecue master you have to dress the part.

The grill needs to be hot

Make sure that your grill is hot. The biggest mistake people make is by waiting for the last minute to heat up the grill. It isn’t practical as your guests will get hungry and you might not achieve the ideal temperature. Make sure that you don’t have to rush and that your grill is hot enough to get the food done in the right amount of time. It is important to realize that not all foods need a super hot grill. Click here to learn more about vegetables and barbecue. It is also important to remember that certain foods that you cook first will absorb a lot of the heat so make sure that you barbecue the foods that will take the longest first so that the grill is hot enough to cook it sufficiently. Practice makes perfect with just about everything in life including barbecuing.

Never Used a Smoker Before? It’s More Versatile than You May Realize

When most people think of using a smoker, they often default to classics like beef, chicken, and pork. And, while all of these are excellent choices, you can actually do much more with a high-quality offset smoker. So, before you limit your food selection based on a preconceived notion of how a smoker should be used, consider giving these other delectable options a try.

Never Used a Smoker Before? It’s More Versatile than You May Realize


For those who prefer fish over other meats, you may be surprised how great it can taste straight out of a smoker. But, this generally isn’t a one-step process. First, you may need to let the fish sit in a brine mixture before setting it on the smoker. This can help give it additionally flavor and can be a fun part of the process to adjust to meet your taste.

If you want to have one of the best tasting experiences possible, consider using freshly caught fish. For example, you can use the Striper Express Guide Service to help you get a fresh catch, and then prep them to go onto the smoker the same day. And nothing can beat that.


Whether you want to make them a side dish or intend to have them as the star of the meal, smoked vegetables can be a delicious option. Essentially, any veggie that can stand up to a traditional grill can also be smoked. Some vegetables to start with could include asparagus, eggplant, mushrooms, squash, and zucchini. And, unlike when smoking meats, these can be ready to eat quite quickly.

The only vegetables that are a definite no-go tend to be leafy greens, as they will not stand up to this form of cooking.


You may have noticed nuts for sale that have a smoky flavor listed on the package, and that is because you can actually smoke nuts. Often, you will need to find a suitable container or rack to hold them, as they can’t go directly into a smoker without support. However, the additional flavor added through the smoking process can be very tasty and definitely worth the effort.


A smoked cheese can be considered quite a luxury and is certainly an unexpected task to take on at home. In fact, many kinds of cheese can be successfully smoked as long as the heat is appropriate. You will need to look for large pieces, such as full rounds or large wedges, to help make the process easier, though heavy slices will work fine as well. But, once it has been smoked, you can cut or slice it just as you would any other time.


Possibly one of the more unconventional uses for a smoker is to smoke fruits. Similar to vegetables, you will need to select options that are suitably strong enough to handle the process. For example, pineapple slices and peaches can be excellent choices and often yield great results. Typically, you may want to consider a “cold smoking” approach when it comes to fruits, as this may work better and limits how much water is removed from the fruit during the process.

Essentially, any food may be a suitable candidate for smoking, though those listed above may be easier places to start. So, don’t limit the use of your new smoker just too traditional meats when there is a whole world of food to be had.

Barbecue Safety Tips

Everything has dangers. Comprehending what those dangers are and how to diminish them is the key to achievement. When cooking outside, regardless of whether hot and quick grilling or low and moderate grill, there are a couple of things you have to know to ensure nothing turns out badly.

Barbecue Safety Tips

Consolidating dangerous fuels with food, hot metals, and extensive gatherings of individuals can be a formula for fiasco in the event that you are not watchful. In order to always stay mindful and prepared for all kinds of circumstances, find a high risk license course near you and enroll yourself immediately. Such a training course prepares you for all kinds of high risk work. Here’s how you can be cautious while barbecuing:

  1. Fire

Fire is the most dangerous element in the universe and you are welcoming it into your terrace for a little picnic. To begin with, the first thing you need is a fire extinguisher. Second, you have to know your fire and know how to control it. Consistently grills and smokers cause a large number of flames, several wounds, many deaths and a huge amount of dollars in harm. You have to know how to cut fuel supplies, extinguish flames and call the fire division. Continuously have one individual responsible for the fire at all circumstances. You ought to likewise know something about treating burns.

  1. Food Safety

Bacteria eats all types of foods you can think of, even Brussels sprouts. It develops at any temperature above 0 degree Celsius and remains alive until that temperature hits around 165 degrees F. As long as it is varying between these two temperatures it is increasing and bringing on illness in your food. Along these lines, until it goes into your mouth or on the grill, it should be kept cool. The second you are done serving it up, it backpedals in the fridge. The fundamental standards are: Suspect Everything, keep it Covered, Keep it Cool, Get it Hot! and Use your Head. Remember that you are more likely to get food poising than catch a cold or flu.

  1. Directions

Kindly read the manual. Take after all the security confinements to the letter. In the event that you have a fire and you didn’t take after the guidelines it is your blame, regardless. Grills, gas or charcoal, and smokers all have particular scopes of operation. You have to know these before you use them. Don’t expect that your new barbecue works simply like the last one and that all similar tenets apply. One indication: You can discover the manuals to most grills and smokers on the producer’s site.

  1. Charcoal Safety

Charcoal grills are the reason for significantly a larger number of flames than gas barbecues. The main issue with charcoal grill is lighting the charcoal. Lighter liquid causes a wide range of issues and you should locate a superior approach to light your coals. What truly blazes the hair off your face is adding lighter liquid to hot coals. Lighter liquid swings to an overwhelming gas at a moderately low temperature. While fluid lighter liquid blazes the vanished (vaporous) lighter liquid detonates. Stream the guidelines precisely and absolutely never let lighting charcoal turn into a distraction.

Tips for Smoking Fish

You love your smoker and up until now you have only considered it to be a valuable resource in the wide world of beef and pork. Yet, some part of you has always wondered just what you could do with it if you had some great fish at the ready. Look no further for the answers to that question. We are prepared to offer you tips for smoking fish.

Obviously, the first thing you will need to do is get some fish. Consider purchasing the best fish finder so that when you and your friends go out on the boat, you always have something delicious to bring back to the family. You don’t want them thinking you just go out there to bake in the sun and drink beer. Having a fish finder at your disposal will let you do that (if it’s your desire), but will also enable you to bring home some significant grub to put on the smoker for all to enjoy.

Tips for Smoking Fish

What’s the Purpose of Smoking Fish?

If you’re going to smoke it, you should understand why you are doing that. When you smoke fish, you are using a dry heat for the purpose of preserving textures and flavors while simultaneously cooking the meat. And, you can cook just about any fish with this process. However, the more oily the fish, the better the results. So, if you’re thinking about using freshwater fish consider:

  • Char
  • Salmon
  • Shad
  • Sturgeon
  • Trout
  • Bass
  • Pike
  • Panfish

Some people will even smoke suckerfish and carp, though most of us consider those to be trash fish.

Two Types of Smoking

There are two types of smoking fish that are utilized. When someone wants to cold smoke a fish, temperatures have to remain at 60° to 110°F for a few hours. Cold smoking will allow the fish to maintain a relatively strong flavor, but it will not cook the fish. Commercial companies are the ones that most readily employ this method. Learn more.

Chances are you will be using the second smoking type, hot smoking, which will smoke and cook your fish. It is a lot easier to manage this form of smoking fish. Outdoor smokers are ideal and you can use any number of styles: electric, wood, charcoal, vertical water, and gas. Temperatures will have to remain as low as possible, between 150° to 170°, for fillets that can be done in an hour.

Before You Smoke

Just like you do with beef and pork, there is a pre-smoking process that must be adhered to. Fish have to be cured before they can be smoked. We understand that it probably doesn’t make a lot of logical sense to preserve something before you are about to preserve it, but it will help keep fish good for a longer period of time. So, follow these steps for curing before you smoke:

  • Soak fish in a salt brine– This can last a few minutes, to a couple of hours. And, you can add sugar and spices to the brine as well. Find a great recipe here.
  • Understand that size matters– In truth, your brine curing time is best decided by the size of the fish. If you’ve got 1 inch thick fillets, consider letting them soak for up to 3 hours. The time allotment will determine how salty your fish taste.
  • Allow to dry– Make sure the fish has completely dried before you smoke it. And, if you’d like to season again, go for it.
  • Skin Side Down– You can hang the fish on hooks too, if your smoker allows for that option. Let it cook until it’s a golden, flaky brown. Learn more fish smoking techniques.

If your fish finder isn’t the only fishing equipment you need prior to smoking, check out OutdoorTricks. Otherwise, enjoy some delicious fish soon.

Surprise Friends with This 40th Birthday Party Idea That Does Not Involve Barbequing

By the time you are turning 40 years old you have probably spent a lot of birthday parties in front of the grill because barbecues are so easy to arrange, just about all of your friends love these types of parties and they are quite affordable.  But someone’s 40th is not just your average birthday.  Not everyone is lucky enough to reach the age of 40 and your friend, spouse or loved one deserves a great party to help them deal with the shock and anxiety of being in his or her 40s.  It is time to hang up the apron and barbeque tools for just this once and to start saving up for a birthday party that will be spectacular and completely unforgettable.

Surprise Friends with This 40th Birthday Party Idea That Does Not Involve Barbequing

Go for a stretch hummer party

Celebrating a 40th birthday party in a stretch Hummer is the ultimate luxury birthday party you can arrange.  Luxury hummers allows you to take 12 – 14 guests along on the cruise and everyone can sit comfortably as they enjoy lots of laughter, great drinks, nightclub lighting inside one of the best looking limousines ever created.  The hummers come in different colors like chrome, purple, pink and white and they are fashioned with the latest entertainment systems that allow you to enjoy karaoke, music videos, smoke machines and much more while you have a blast.  Book now at Perth Stretch Hummers so you can be sure to get your hands on that extra special limousine for an extra special birthday celebration.

Things you can do in a stretch hummer

Hiring a limousine is about much more than just taking a ride in a fancy limousine, especially when you use Perth Stretch Hummers.  Perth Stretch Hummers has the best solutions for the ultimate birthday celebration because you can enjoy the following on your hummer trips;

Swan Valley wine tour – This is the perfect idea for the perfect birthday celebration because everyone can enjoy beautiful scenery of some of the most beautiful wineries in the world, they can enjoy crisp wine tasting and yummy cheeses and the tour also include beer and liqueur tasting as well as a delicious meal and everything happens in a limousine.

Concert connection – You can travel from one amazing concert and performance to another and enjoy luxury journeys while you wait for the next concert to start.  The limousines are also fashioned with terrific sound systems and songs of the artists you are going to see will be played while you journey.

You also don’t need a birthday party as an excuse to hire a limousine because the limousine hire is also suitable for lots of other functions such as corporate functions, social functions, kids parties, hen & bucks night parties, school balls and weddings.  If your birthday isn’t around the corner then you can always find another excuse to enjoy a luxury journey in a fantastic hummer while you take a break from the usual barbeque sessions.

Best Kept Barbeque Secrets

There’s definitely a secret to making great barbeque. The smoker and grill are key factors, for sure, and choosing the right ones can certainly be a challenge. But, once you get past that hurdle, trial and error are generally your best mode of defense against your BBQ competitors. We’re not all destined for BBQ greatness, but many of us can achieve something close with these best kept barbeque secrets.

As we stated earlier, choosing the right grill and smoker is a deciding factor in your BBQ genius. We recommend you invest some time perusing this Weber Q comparison guide. Since there are thousands of Weber grills to choose from, this guide will help you make an informed decision. The Q series by Weber is particularly unique in its design. And, they are highly portable and leave a small footprint. Pick the right one for you and then start focusing on these best kept BBQ secrets!

Best Kept Barbeque Secrets

10 Tips for Exceptional Barbeque

John Markus is a decorated Pitmaster and certainly someone in the BBQ industry who can offer trustworthy advice. When you combine his expertise with that of Johnny Trigg and Nicole Davenport, you are guaranteed to get more than 10 tips for exceptional barbeque. But, we’re only going to share our favorites with you here:

  1. Rub early– Let the meat reach room temperature and then rub it down about an hour before you throw it in the smoker. Learn some great rubs.
  2. Patience– You might be tempted to add barbeque sauce early on, but it is best when you wait patiently until the last couple of minutes of cooking. It will cook in just the way you’re hoping for.
  3. Apple juice- It seems odd, but apple juice, squirted onto the meat at regular intervals will add flavor and make it a gorgeous color. Plus, you’ll avoid the black that often occurs.
  4. Wood to coals– Perhaps you never considered it, but you can add a couple hunks of wood to the coals. This will add a nice smoky flavor. Consider pecan or hickory. Oak can add a mellow flavor as well.
  5. Low and slow- It’s the way to go. But many of us are in a hurry to get the meat on the grill. Be sure that the fire is tame and averaging a 200-250 degree mark on the grates.
  6. Gauge- You cannot eyeball good barbeque. You definitely need to invest in a good meat temperature gauge. This will help you ensure you don’t over- or undercook your meat. Check out these gauge options.
  7. Take it off- Do this just a wee bit sooner than you think you should. Meat will continue cooking even once it has left the grates. If you pull it off when it’s reached your desired stage, you might be disappointed by those extra moments of cooking.
  8. Mistakes are great– If you make mistakes, all that says is, “You’re human.” Mistakes give you the opportunity to learn. Remember, trial and error is part of the process, even with these secret tips.
  9. Don’t flip– Over flipping the meat can make the juices fall out. Let it rest on one side for half of the cook time and the other side for the other half. Only flip once.
  10. Squeeze butter- This comes in liquid form and can add desirable moisture and flavor to your steaks and other meats.

If you want the rest of the expert advice, click this.

Grilling When You’re A Vegetarian

There are times when you may feel out of place whenever you are being invited to go to a barbecue party because you do not have anything to eat. You may eat some of the sides especially when they are comprised of some of the things that you normally eat but you have to admit that going to barbecue parties is not exactly one of your favorite things to do.

Your choice to become a vegetarian may have stemmed from a variety of reasons wkmtwog. Perhaps you have started becoming more health conscious when you gained a lot of weight over the past years because of unhealthy food choices. Perhaps you have suddenly decided to try it out and you have ended up liking it. Whether you have decided based on what you have seen from True Health Diagnostics or you just decided on your own, what matters is that you are keen on sticking with your choice.

Grilling When You’re A Vegetarian

Check out some of the other vegetarian recipes that you can try. Here are some of the foods that you can grill when you are a vegetarian:

  1. Eggplant

Do you realize that the eggplant is very appealing when it is a bit smoked? It became a bit soft but it helps absorb the taste of the other flavourings that you are going to put on it. If you are concerned about how beneficial the eggplant is going to be for you, you should not worry. Eggplants contain fiber that will help in digestion. It also contains Vitamin B1 that the body needs. There are various eggplant recipes you can try but simply grilling it with olive oil and some salt and adding it with quinoa will already make a lot of difference.

  1. Corn

It will be hard to find a person who dislikes corn. Corn is known to be cooked in a variety of ways. If you would boil it, it can turn sweet but will be nice with butter, salt and sometimes even cheese. If you would like to grill it though, just put it over your grill for a few minutes for each side while adding bits of butter. You may already eat it afterwards or you may remove the corn from the cob and add it to a crostini along with other vegetables. Another great option is to add the grilled corn to pasta. The smoky taste will be evident and will make the vegetable pasta even more flavourful.

  1. Mushrooms

If you would like to have something juicy grilled on your smoker then you do not have to search far and wide, you can grill mushrooms. There are different types of mushrooms available. Just make sure that you will choose those that are edible. Portobello mushrooms are known to be juicy too and they can be mixed with other vegetarian friendly ingredients too.

There are still a lot of other products that you can grill and eat without having to eat meat. If you want something tart and sweet, you may grill peaches and if you want something that can be flavoured immensely, you may go for a zucchini. The choice will be up to you.

Tips for hosting a budget-friendly barbecue

It seems to be rather tricky to avoid a fun and interactive barbecue during summer months. This is a fun way to spend time with your family and friends and it gives you the opportunity to show off your grilling skills. Just because your budget is tight you shouldn’t have to feel like you can’t host a barbecue though. With a few simple and effective money-saving tricks you can have all the fun and pay less for it. Click here to take a look at some great budget barbecue side dishes.

Interactive Barbecue

It is important to stock up on meats when you have the extra money lying around. This will give you the opportunity to always have the right cuts for your grill when you finally do host a barbecue. Another very effective method is to host a potluck barbecue where guests can bring along dishes, salads and breads. This is a great way to save money and your guests really won’t mind to bring along their own food creation. You might also want to make your own cushions for your outdoor furniture as well as your table cloths. Take a look at The Tool Report’s sewing machine reviews for some of the best sewing machines that will get you started with this money saving hobby. By purchasing the best machine first you won’t have a problem with your sewing quality later.

Once again as with the meat you should stock up on charcoal and other necessary items for barbecue days. Store your charcoal cubes in a cool and dry place xenical over the counter. You can also explore new recipes that might cost a lot less than you would normally spend. Take a look here at some fantastic veggie recipes that will be a hit at your barbecue. There is also a simple solution if your grill is broken. The best thing to do here is to borrow a grill from a friend. Make time to request RSVP notifications beforehand so that you don’t end up catering for people that don’t attend. This is usually a big headache when hosting a barbecue. Make sure you are aware if any of your guests are bringing someone along to your barbecue so that you can budget on what you need to buy for the day.

The idea is to have fun and for your guests to have a good time. It isn’t necessary for you to deliver a full set of gourmet dishes to make sure everyone has a good time. Have a whale of a time by hosting a few fun and interactive games. Click here for game ideas. People will love it anyway. Kids are usually happy with hotdogs and pizza while adults that you invite won’t be as fussy as you think. Take time to plan your day and make sure you are under budget by making theme or décor items yourself and by keeping certain things stockpiled for the warmer months so that you are already set up with things like charcoal. The most important thing is to have fun at your barbecue.

Getting Ready for a Barbecue? Use These Quick Beauty Tips

Everyone loves a barbecue on a sunny day. Even though summer isn’t back around yet, some areas are already seeing barbecue-friendly weather. And, once the menu is set, and you know when the guests are arriving, it may seem like there isn’t time to take care of yourself. However, there are some beauty moves that don’t take much time at all, or even fit into your regular routine with ease.

So, if you want to make sure you look your best during your next barbecue, consider giving these tips a try.

Getting Ready for a Barbecue? Use These Quick Beauty Tips

Use the Right Shower Products

Taking a shower is likely the first step in your beauty routine. And, if you choose the right products, you can actually give yourself a head start for achieving your ideal look. For example, if your hair tends to be on the oily side, then find the best shampoo for oily hair you can. That way, you are using a formula designed for your specific needs.

Similarly, make sure your face wash, body wash, and moisturizers are selected based on your individual needs. That way you are starting with a strong foundation right out of the shower.

Choose One Feature

When you begin your makeup routine, choose one feature you want to highlight. In most cases, women select either their eyes or their lips. Choosing one allows you to create a form of focal point. Additionally, you’ll limit your chances of looking overdone, as is often the case when you attempt to draw attention to too many features.

Now, that doesn’t mean you need to do the same amount of work as you would for a night out on the town, so choose a look that fits with the nature of your event. For example, if it is a casual barbecue between friends or family members, then feel free to keep things simple.

Additionally, you want to select makeup that will hold up to the conditions. If it is hot and humid outside, then a heavy foundation might not be an ideal choice. Similarly, a long wearing lipstick may provide extra staying power as you enjoy all of the foods the barbecue will have to offer.

Dress for the Weather

Current weather conditions should play into your wardrobe choices. Pick materials that will provide the right level of warmth and breathability for the conditions. Otherwise, you may find yourself uncomfortable for most of the event. And, even if your clothes are spectacular, it might not show through if you spend the entire barbecue with a look of discomfort on your face.

Rethink Your Footwear

When many women get dressed, they choose footwear based on how it completes the look. And, while this should still be a consideration, it is also important to factor in the environment when making a selection. For example, skinny, spiked heels may be fine in the house, on the deck, or on a patio. However, they might have you sinking into the ground if you are standing on the lawn (unless you invest in heel protectors).

Before you settle on a shoe, make sure it has the right structure for the ground on which you will be standing. That way, you won’t be unnecessarily uncomfortable.

As you can see, many of these tips take no longer than your regular routine. It’s more about making the right choices for the upcoming event. And, in the end, being happy and having a great time is one of the best beauty secrets there is.