Features essential for any barbecue

During summer there is nothing more fun than a barbecue to share quality time with your friends and family. The question is how do you host the perfect barbecue and what is absolutely necessary to make your party the best and have people talking for ages. It is important to plan ahead if you are looking at hosting the next best barbecue on the block and here are a few tips for features that will make your occasion stand out above anyone else’s.

Features essential for any barbecue

Lawn games

People don’t always remember to feature a couple of fun and entertaining games at their cookout. You can perhaps invest in a croquet set or even corn hole which is fun and interactive. This is a great way to get your guest into a social mood and also a fantastic ice breaker. There is nothing worse than just sitting around waiting for the food.  Click here for more lawn game ideas.


This is a great way to cut down on costs for the beer at your party. There is nothing wrong with asking your guests to bring their own beer. There are very few barbecues where everything is included. Beer creates entertainment by itself. You can also ask your guests to each bring a snack plate which is a nice gesture and a way to enjoy something from everyone that is attending.

Ice cream

One of the most loved desserts and a favorite to cool everyone down in summer. Whether you are an adult or a child ice cream cheers just about anyone up.  After everyone has had their meal it is always a nice gesture to offer an ice cream cone or some form of dessert plus the kids will love it. Click here for more snack ideas at your barbecue.

Decent Barbecue tools

You don’t want to flip a burger with a rusty old tool. Invest in a new set of stainless steel and smart tools to successfully be known as the barbecue king or queen. This is an investment if you buy a good set because you will be able to use it often.

Fresh air

The smoke of the barbecue can sometimes taint any rooms that are nearby. Get hold of an air humidifier to keep the air clean and fresh and to get rid of any harmful or unwanted particles. Take a look at http://healthyairlab.com/best-humidifier-reviews/ for some great and informative customer reviews to help you decide which item to get.

Heat resistant gloves

There are some great and innovative gloves on the market that are heat resistant to ensure no one walks away with a burnt finger or hand. Invest in a pair to keep your barbecue experience burn free and as hygienic as possible.

Wood planks

This is a great way to prepare fish at your barbecue. Preparing fish on wood gives the fish a great taste that is completely different from just regular grilling. This is a great method to prepare salmon and will leave your guests wanting more.

How Women Barbecue Lovers Can Stay Slim

Barbeques are terrific for entertaining guests around your house because everyone feels much more relaxed and at home when they can move around your home and yard freely and when they have some input regarding how their food is prepared.  When you enjoy barbeques everyone can get out of the house, you can enjoy the wondrous smells of food being prepared outside and you can enjoy loud music and spacious areas.  The only downside to barbeques is the fact that you often tend to overeat during these sessions simply because it is the one occasion where you don’t want to feel tired or drained from constantly dieting and everyone will be bringing along delicious snacks that you simply must sample if you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  Here is some terrific ways in which women barbecue lovers can stay slim – and perhaps help their husbands stay slim as well.

How Women Barbecue Lovers Can Stay Slim

Invest in a waist trainer

Waist trainers are becoming more and more popular these days because they help women target stubborn body fat in the mid-section and on the love handles which is where fatty foods and carb loaded meals have a tendency to cluster to after barbecue parties.  If you invest in a waist trainer you can lose weight during the day, while at work or while traveling because the waist trainer can fit comfortably underneath any outfit and shape your body as you enjoy life.  They also have some terrific other benefits to your body such as improving your posture and the waist trainer will lend extra support to your back so you can work harder or enjoy safer workouts.  Waist trainers are an absolute must for barbeque loving women who still desire that feminine hourglass figure but simply refuse to give up all of the yummy treats that come along with these fun events. You can visit bestwaisttrainercorset.com to find out just how to use a corset, to see how it transforms the feline body instantly and to get some of the toughest answers regarding waist training answered instantly.

Roast some lean meats

Modern lean meats are often just as tasty as all of those fatty meats that will make you bloat and gain weight.  When you visit a butcher try to enquire about some of the leaner and fat free meats so you can still enjoy all of your meals without putting on as much of the weight.

Make a lot of salads

Salads are terrific for barbeque sessions because they are easy to make and you can enjoy chit-chats with friends while you prepare divine salads.  You can skip out on carb loaded meals such as breads and make a greater variety of green and healthy salads that your friends will love just as much.

Pile up on healthier snacks

Healthier snacks are sometimes a lot tastier than those deep fried chips that you so often serve your guests so why serve the unhealthy stuff at all?  The best way to avoid temptation is to invest in only healthy snacks so dice up some carrots with a dip sauce and pile up on some fruit kebabs for your next big barbeque event and keep everyone healthy while they wait for the main course to get done.

Smoking Meat for the BBQ-ing Genius

You love to barbeque. There’s something about that hot grill, the flame on the coals, or the propane, that warms your very soul. In fact, you’ve become somewhat of a neighborhood hero when it comes to holiday cookouts. People travel from across the county to eat your genius BBQ delicacies.

But, there’s still a hole in your outdoor cooking heart. There’s a spot on the to-do list that just never seems to eek past that position: smoking meat. You’ve smoked plenty of great cigars, and had your fill of wonderfully prepared smoked mullet. But somewhere along the line, you never learned how to do it yourself. Not to worry, you can learn now!

Smoking Meat for the BBQ-ing Genius

Prepping for the Adventure

Understand that like good barbeque, good smoked meat is an all-day endeavor. Set aside the whole of the day to get the smoke, heat and flavors just right. Then pick the right meat. Baby back ribs are not the end all be all too good BBQ. In fact, they might not have much flavor at all. Try using spare ribs instead. Here are some other great meats to smoke.

Next, you’ve got to get wood that will smolder rather than flare up. We recommend finding chunks instead of chips. There are several types of wood to consider: hickory, cherry, oak and apple. And whatever you do, don’t use any sap woods like pine because their smoke can be slightly toxic and will definitely ruin your food.

Once you’ve picked the wood (and you can learn more about that here) you will need to ensure that you have a whole heap of lit coals to keep your smoker at an even temperature. Don’t use lighter fluid to keep it going, or get it started. That imparts a highly undesirable flavor to all your smoked items. You might want to invest in a chimney starter to keep the coals going for the day long meat smoking process.

You can make your rub in the house. As long as you’ve invested in the best air purifier for your home then you’ll at least be breathing clean air for the time you spend away from the smoker. A great recipe for your rub includes: brown sugar, kosher salt, black pepper, lemon pepper, and chile flakes.

Smoking Specifics

Since you’re relatively new to the smoking side of barbeque, we recommend you go with an inexpensive smoker, a homemade one (click this for plans), or a charcoal grill. Put your coals in the bottom damper on one side (if you are using the charcoal grill).

Buy a temperature gauge because you should ensure that your smoker never exceeds 250 degrees. There are $15 laser heat guns available to help you keep track of the temperature.

If you’re using the charcoal grill, once you’ve reached the required temperature, replace the grate and put the meat on the opposite side of the charcoal. The opposite position helps create a vacuum for oxygen cycling through the coals and smoke hitting the meat.

While you’ll probably have to add coals every 30-40 minutes, don’t open that lid for any other purpose. When four hours have passed you can check the meat. If your ribs bounce when you wave them up and down they need more time. If they start to split apart in the middle you’ve cooked them too long. No one will complain but you’d rather them be limp not breaking apart. Glaze ‘em and serve. Your guests will love you for it.

Family, fun times and barbecue

On a long weekend it might happen that your home gets selected as the halfway house for visiting relatives. In this event you should prepare accordingly. There is nothing worse than unprepared meals for too many people or overspending on restaurant bills. Instead of eating out opt for the more economical and traditional barbecue. There are various ways to guarantee everyone leaves happy after a successful and happy long weekend. There are also various barbecue secrets to a healthier option which will ban those extra pounds that tend to make an appearance after a long weekend. For healthier barbeque options do the following:

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-200 size-full" src="http://www.bestoffsetsmoker.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/family-bbq.jpg" alt="Family, fun times and barbecue" width="600" height="343" srcset="http://www xenical 120.bestoffsetsmoker.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/family-bbq.jpg 600w, http://www.bestoffsetsmoker.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/family-bbq-300×172.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px” />

  • Use a healthier home-made marinade instead of the fatty, high preservative choice. Click for healthy marinade recipes.
  • Instead of grilling a pile of meat add a healthy helping of veggies, there are many creative ways to make veggies attractive and delicious at a barbecue, take a look.
  • Grill lean meats instead of the alternative fatty options, your cholesterol levels will love you.
  • Juice instead of Soda! Juice is a healthier option for child and adult instead of the fizzy drinks.
  • Skewer everything, this would include meats and veggies, it’s a fun way to eat and helps with smaller portions.
  • Opt for light ciders instead of beers to avoid that beer belly.

These are all options that will make it convenient and healthy to have an enjoyable barbecue, once, twice or three times on the long weekend. Before taking these healthy steps, invest in a new barbecue. Why? Simply because there is nothing worse than an old, unhygienic rusty grill. Show off your new grill and healthy options and save a bunch in the long run on all the unattended restaurant trips.

Also remember that the greatest headaches are caused by visiting relatives sleeping on your couches and living room floor.  Clear up the spare bedroom, store any items that are taking up all the space. Spoil yourself with a new bed and keep your old one in the guest room with an accompanying sleeper couch. A great place to start is here. A Saatva mattress gives you a 15 year warranty which counts as a great investment and a fantastic night’s sleep after grilling all day. A fantastic idea is to use recyclable paper plates and cups, no one wants to spend their long weekend washing a thousand dishes and everyone deserves a break.

The last secret to a successful long weekend is to remove all technology from the equation. Play some board games and indulge in some outside activities that can include the whole family. This will help to keep everyone entertained, young and old. Lately it seems like every family holiday is corrupted by modern technology with everyone having their faces buried in their smart phones or tablets. Family weekends should include family bonding and a fun time together. There is nothing more warm and cozy than songs around the fire accompanied by toasted marshmallows.

Healthy Ways to Enjoy Barbeque Season

For many, barbeque season conjures up thoughts of sweet sauces, red meats, and starchy side dishes, making this a difficult time of year for those who are trying to focus on healthy eating habits.  With advice on healthy eating shifting regularly, it can be challenging to figure out what eating approach is best, especially within the context of a barbeque.  If you aren’t sure how to proceed through the minefield of food choices, here are some healthy eating tips to keep you on the right track.

Healthy Ways to Enjoy Barbeque Season

Main Courses

When examining your main course options, consider fish first, especially herring, salmon, or trout.  Not only are they high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are part of a heart-healthy diet, they can be especially flavorful.

If fish isn’t available, or is not a favorite of yours, chicken should be your next go-to.  Pick chicken breasts over fattier cuts, such as thighs and legs, and make sure to remove the skin.  Avoid sugary sauces, like most standard barbeque sauces and certain marinades, and instead focus on dry herbs and seasonings.  If you must use a sauce or marinade, check the nutrition labels to make sure you are choosing options that are low in sugar and salt, and keep unnecessary fat under control.

Side Dishes

Side dishes like potato salad and chips can be high in calories and unhealthy fats, while baked beans can contain excessive amounts of sugar.  Instead of those traditional choices, consider grilling some of your favorite veggies.  A little bit of olive oil and some seasonings can create a flavorful option that is easy on both the wallet and the waistline.

Additionally, raw veggies can provide a nice crunch, and fresh fruit can bring satisfaction to your sweet tooth.  Just stay away from any dips, such as ranch for veggies or chocolate for fruit, and you can avoid a lot of added salts and sugars.


Sodas and alcoholic beverages, such as beer, can add calories to the meal without providing much, if anything, back in the way of nutrition.  Cut the unnecessary calories and sugar by drinking water instead.  If you want to add a little flavor, consider floating some juicy fruit, such as pineapple or watermelon, in your water to give it a hint of sweetness without too much sugar.


Many store bought desserts are high in sugar and fat, and may even have a significant amount of trans fat.  If you are concerned about fighting your dessert cravings, consider bringing a few piece of high quality dark chocolate with you.  When paired with a handful or strawberries, or placed over a banana by making a slit in the peel and then lightly grilling it, can create a wonderful treat without too much added sugar or fat.

When Looking for New Advice, Make Sure the Sources are Reputable

With new reports on health, nutrition, obesity, and diabetes coming out almost daily, it can be difficult to follow all of the advice.  Instead of trying to manage all of the information sources, focus on scientific information over generally hype, such as the articles available through Dove Press or WebMD, over the latest piece of pop culture advice from the celebrity du jour.

Before making any dietary changes, be sure to speak with your physician, regardless of the information source.

Barbecue Hosting Tips- How to Throw a Marvelous Outdoor Party

The arrival of summer needs to be enjoyed with close friends and family, and nothing marks the joyous mood on a beautiful, warm day like a low-key backyard barbecue does. You do not necessarily need fancy white tablecloths or bottles of champagne; just a few creative touches are enough to make your barbecue parties anything but boring. Hopefully, like all barbecue masters, you already have a grate-mounted thermometer or a laser thermometer to measure grills for correct temperatures or to find hot or cold spots. Here are a few more easy tips for hosting a marvelous barbecue party.

Barbecue Hosting Tips- How to Throw a Marvelous Outdoor Party

Use Frozen Fruit

In lieu of ice in party drinks, use frozen fruit for a marvelously sweet twist. Make your ice-cubes adorable by placing your favourite kind of berry in each cube before freezing. Frozen fruits would be refreshing for your guests.

Have Signature Drinks

Speaking of ice cubes and drinks, canned beverages are the most common, but to make your barbecue party memorable, you need to think outside the box. You can create a signature drink for the party, and this needs to be decided keeping the party’s theme in mind.

Pick a Memorable Theme

We have mentioned previously that your signature drink should be connected to the theme of the party. To get started, you need to brainstorm a number of theme ideas before deciding on one. Having a theme will allow you to be more specific about particular aspects, like the dress codes, decorations, menu and so on. If your party is Cinderella-themed, you can serve vibrant blue drinks, for instance.

Create a Toppings Station

A burger feels incomplete without a condiment. You shouldn’t just have ketchup and mayonnaise. Set up a table with a great assortment of BBQ sauce, salsas, onions, pickles, jalapenos, crumbled bacon, cheeses, guacamole and mustards. Toppings make burgers more mouth-watering.

Try Pickled Vegetables

Brining cucumbers would be the usual way to go. You can try pickled bell peppers, onions, carrots and cauliflower. The unique flavors of these vegetables will add a certain charm and pep to your regular barbecue palette.

Make Different Delightful Burgers

Ground beef is a common and boring option nowadays. You can experiment with different kinds of burgers, for instance, salmon, tuna, shrimp and lamb.  Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Put a Nice Twist on the Corn

Grilled corn on the cob is a classic barbecue side dish. Make this standard dish marvelous by adding some chilly powder and Parmesan cheese. For a mouth-watering herbal spread, you can use butter and basil instead, if you don’t like spice.

Try Grilled Pizza

Burgers and Hot Dogs are the standard dishes at backyard barbecue parties. So, you can try grilled pizza to switch things up a bit. All you need to do is place your dough directly on the smoker, cook for a minute, flip, then add the toppings of your preference, grilling until they are entirely heated through.

With these creative hosting tips, you will be able to make your usual backyard barbecue party much more fun and marvelous.

For more information, please visit: http://www.julep.com/blog/how-to-throw-a-summer-bbq/

The Best Ways to Care for Sensitive Skin So You Look Terrific During Barbecues

Just because you are a guy who likes to enjoy rough adventures in the out open or who likes to get his hands dirty when working on your car doesn’t mean that you don’t want to look good.  Sensitive skin can be terribly embarrassing when you are enjoying barbeques with friends, especially if you are constantly suffering from nasty breakouts in your face. These blisters, acne and sores are painful, they affect your confidentiality and you can’t shave properly which also affects your general look.  It is time to care better for your skin so you can enjoy get-togethers more without feeling embarrassed about your face.

The Best Ways to Care for Sensitive Skin So You Look Terrific During Barbecues

Get a good electric shaver

Electric shavers can make a huge difference in the outbreaks on your skin.  Shavers for sensitive skin have been specially developed to cut in the right direction and at the right speed to help prevent rashes and acne outbreaks when you are shaving because they don’t damage the hair follicles in your face as much as normal electric shavers.  Electric shavers are also terrific for those with sensitive skin because you can shave much closer and smoother without causing damage to your skin.  To find the best electric shaver you should have a look at some of the reviews on all of the top shavers that are currently on the market.  These reviews will guide you through all of the pros, cons and benefits of each shaver so you can enjoy pain free and glorious skin.

Try baby powder before shaving

If your electric shaver for sensitive skin is still causing some bumps and rashes then you should give baby powder a try.  Simply dash some powder on the area you are about to shave, rubbing it in smoothly and shave afterwards xenical diet pills.  The baby powder will help the shaver slide over your skin much easier and the powder keeps hairs from sticking to your face so the shaver can get to them easier.

Use an aftershave lotion

Aftershave lotions that are specially formulated for sensitive skin can help you combat shaving rashes a lot because these lotions are developed to kill bacteria and to sterilize your skin after shaving so you will be less likely to suffer from blisters and sores.

Get a good sunscreen lotion

Sun and even the heat from the barbeque can cause a lot of damage to your skin which results in either sunburn or dark tan marks on your face.  A good sunscreen lotion will prevent cancer and will keep your face skin much softer and more even looking so you can be as handsome as possible during sunny days.

Get a moisturizer

A good moisturizer will keep your skin supple and elastic so the electric shaver will cause much less damage to your face when shaving. It is especially important to use a good moisturizer during winter times because winter is the time when your body and face can suffer most from dry cracks and loose skins.

How To Become a Talker during BBQ’s when you are Not a Talker

A BBQ is a terrific social event because everyone can finally get out of the house, enjoy the garden, get a break from technology and enjoy one another’s company. Some people love to enjoy swimming and garden games during BBQ’s, some love to catch up on old times and some love to enjoy wine tasting.  But the main thing that is done at most BBQ’s is talk, which can be tough on those who aren’t that big on talking.  No one likes to sit through that awkward silence and no one likes to attend a BBQ where nothing is said for hours on end.  Any small talk during a BBQ is better than no talk at all so get your tab out and start reading up on some topics to talk about before you invite someone to the next BBQ.

How To Become a Talker during BBQ’s when you are Not a Talker

Talk about hobbies

A fun hobby like golfing, muscle cars or art is always terrific for breaking the silence.  Learning about a new hobby is always fun and you expand your general knowledge and can make so many new friends when you enjoy a new hobby with them.

Talk about the news

Talking about the news is terrific for breaking the ice with new people and to figure out what they are passionate about and what is best to avoid while they are there.  News is great for BBQ talks because it is just news and has no touchy subjects or touchy boundaries.

Ask about your guests

If you don’t know some of the people at the BBQ that well then talking about them are always terrific.  People love to talk about themselves.  You can find out what the other person does for a living, where they grew up, what they studied, learn about their hobbies and interests and much more.

Learn about medical news

If you are worried that the person might already know everything there is to know about you, your family, work and the news then you can always learn about medical facts and advancements.  The medical field is one of the most interesting topics there is because everyone gets sick every now and then and new medical advancements are made each day.  Dove Press is one of the best companies to follow because this journalistic company is releasing the latest medical news regularly which is sure to keep you updated and fresh on new things to say.

Talk about politics

Nothing can heat up a conversation like politics can.  Everyone has their own opinion on politics and everyone wants to be right when it comes to their opinion.  Talking about politics is one of the best ways to make friends and enemies and it is something you can talk about with just about anyone.

Food is a great topic

You aren’t making food for nothing! Talk about your latest recipe that you have prepared and explain to your guests why they are going to love the BBQ meal that you are busy preparing.

The more you know, the more you will have to talk about.  If you have a good general knowledge your friends and family will never feel bored while they are visiting you and you will definitely be viewed as an interesting and engaging person.

Best Barbecuing Tips

Need to ensure your food is cooked to flawlessness, your visitors have a decent time and you appreciate it, as well? Here’s the way

Light the grill before the visitors arrive

Indeed, even make them barbecue under way – possibly only a couple chomps. In any event, your visitors will land to the enticing scent of the flotsam and jetsam blazing off the grill flame broils.

Best Barbecuing Tips

Been place

The culinary specialist’s term for having everything set up prepared to go. Get marinating the day preceding and plan everything to as cutting edge a state as you can. This will abandon you with less cleaning up and more opportunity to set up beverages and make the gathering air on the day.

Be composed around your grill

Have enough work surfaces. Work out what number of flame broil heaps of food you need to cook. What other hardware will you require? In what manner will you keep crude meat separate from cooked?

Stay with your grill

Stay for whatever length of time that you are flame broiling, for the best results and for security’s purpose. You won’t get desolate. Gourmet experts never do. There are dependably a modest bunch of – constantly male – visitors who cluster around giving their culinary specialists guidance. Grilling is theater.

Use incredible essential fixings

The late spring months, when most grill bones are tickled, agree consummately with the period of foods grown from the ground overabundances, abandoning you spoilt for extraordinary fixings both to grill (sweet corn, courgettes, plums, apples, and so forth) and to put together into incredible servings of mixed greens to go with your flame broiled meats, feathered creatures and fish. You ought to dependably wash vegetables before use, especially on the off chance that you aren’t peeling them.

Entertain your visitors with a good book reading

While you are waiting for the meat to cook properly, you can entertain yourself as well as your visitors with a good reading. Not only will this be soft entertainment, it could actually be enlightening for your guests as well. You could pick a light book like Art by Karen Salmansohn.


Flavoring is regularly disregarded. This is one of the main lessons any gourmet specialist learns. Just add salt to a marinade in the event that you are marinating for close to 2 hours. Pepper is fine overnight, however salt never. Continuously season with salt just before grilling and don’t be reluctant to season well. Chipped ocean salt, for example, Maldon, will simply tumble off through the grill flame broil. Either barrage Maldon in your zest processor, or utilize fine ocean salt.

Temperature control amid flame broiling

Control the nearness of the food to the coals. In the event that you can, utilize a rack framework with three distinct statures and moveable flame broils and pivoted sandwich racks. If not, rearrange your barbecuing food around from hot patches to cooler parts of the rack, or place the food on foil to back things off.

Test for “doneness”

Using a little sharp blade, cut into the focal point of the meat (down deep down if there is one), to watch that the substance is cooked and squeezes are running clear. For flaky fish, for example, salmon, press the substance with your finger or a fork to watch that the pieces fall to pieces, demonstrating that it is prepared.

Rest the meat

Resting meats in the wake of grilling is as vital a part of the grilling procedure as whatever other. If you somehow managed to eat a steak straightforwardly off the grill, it would be extreme and juices would stream out the minute you nudged it with your steak blade. Abandoning it to rest for a couple of minutes permits the meat ligaments to reabsorb the juices. Lay the meat on a warmed plate on the top rack or far from the immediate warmth secured with punctured foil.

Make Your own Tablecloth for Your Barbecue Parties

Summer is upon us. It is the time when we take a break from the monotony of the corporate world and surround ourselves with friends and family. On a warm evening, there is nothing more appropriate than marking the arrival of this holiday season with a barbecue party. And with all your favorite people singing and exchanging good-natured banters on a table laden with piping hot food, there is a chance for you to reveal your talents. Alongside food, you can also put your individuality and creative flair on the table. Making your own tablecloth is one of the easiest ways in which you can give your table a personal and a seasonal touch. Best commercial embroidery machines are there to help you in your venture. Meanwhile, here are a few tips to help you in your sewing project.

Make Your own Tablecloth for Your Barbecue Parties

When you design and make your own tablecloth, you can be sure that it will fit your table accurately and will also reflect the essence of the occasion. If you take the measurements right and give the edges a pristine, professional looking finish, your tablecloth will serve the purpose much better than a store-bought one.

Pick the fabric

For that professional look, the step of prime importance would be the selection of an appropriate table cloth fabric. Table clothes are there to get stained and soiled from food. Therefore, choose a fabric that you can machine wash and dry very easily. Cotton is good, but it has the tendency to wrinkle excessively. Save yourself from the hassle of ironing it by choosing a mixed fabric that resists wrinkling. A cotton/polyester blend will work just fine.

Measure the table

The next big step would be to take accurate measurements of the table. This will also determine the amount of fabric you require for the tablecloth. If by any chance the finished product exceeds the width measurements of the table, then you can stitch panels to it. You should keep in mind that the overhang measurement for a well-designed tablecloth is the same throughout its perimeter. The cloth hangs just above that the chair seats.

For a square or a rectangular table, you need to measure both the width and the length. And then decide the amount of the cloth you want to overhang from the top of the table. An informal tablecloth has an overhang of about 12 inches, in any case, it should be a little above the chair seats. On the other hand, formal tablecloths can drop to the floor. The measurements should be such that the overhang is 1 inch above the floor. When it comes to a round table, you are to take measurements of the surface diameter and add two times the intended overhang measurement.

Make sewing a hobby

You can add versatility to your table cloth by embroidering on it. If you have never done any sewing, you can always start as a beginner. As a newbie, take up small projects that you know that you can complete and can savor the satisfaction as you finish. You can gradually take up more difficult sewing techniques, such as zippers and gathering. If you do not have access to a sewing machine, you can easily get one as they do not cost much.

For more information, look here: http://www.craftsy.com/blog/2015/10/how-to-make-a-tablecloth.