Never Used a Smoker Before? It’s More Versatile than You May Realize

When most people think of using a smoker, they often default to classics like beef, chicken, and pork. And, while all of these are excellent choices, you can actually do much more with a high-quality offset smoker. So, before you limit your food selection based on a preconceived notion of how a smoker should be used, consider giving these other delectable options a try.

Never Used a Smoker Before? It’s More Versatile than You May Realize


For those who prefer fish over other meats, you may be surprised how great it can taste straight out of a smoker. But, this generally isn’t a one-step process. First, you may need to let the fish sit in a brine mixture before setting it on the smoker. This can help give it additionally flavor and can be a fun part of the process to adjust to meet your taste.

If you want to have one of the best tasting experiences possible, consider using freshly caught fish. For example, you can use the Striper Express Guide Service to help you get a fresh catch, and then prep them to go onto the smoker the same day. And nothing can beat that.


Whether you want to make them a side dish or intend to have them as the star of the meal, smoked vegetables can be a delicious option. Essentially, any veggie that can stand up to a traditional grill can also be smoked. Some vegetables to start with could include asparagus, eggplant, mushrooms, squash, and zucchini. And, unlike when smoking meats, these can be ready to eat quite quickly.

The only vegetables that are a definite no-go tend to be leafy greens, as they will not stand up to this form of cooking.


You may have noticed nuts for sale that have a smoky flavor listed on the package, and that is because you can actually smoke nuts. Often, you will need to find a suitable container or rack to hold them, as they can’t go directly into a smoker without support. However, the additional flavor added through the smoking process can be very tasty and definitely worth the effort.


A smoked cheese can be considered quite a luxury and is certainly an unexpected task to take on at home. In fact, many kinds of cheese can be successfully smoked as long as the heat is appropriate. You will need to look for large pieces, such as full rounds or large wedges, to help make the process easier, though heavy slices will work fine as well. But, once it has been smoked, you can cut or slice it just as you would any other time.


Possibly one of the more unconventional uses for a smoker is to smoke fruits. Similar to vegetables, you will need to select options that are suitably strong enough to handle the process. For example, pineapple slices and peaches can be excellent choices and often yield great results. Typically, you may want to consider a “cold smoking” approach when it comes to fruits, as this may work better and limits how much water is removed from the fruit during the process.

Essentially, any food may be a suitable candidate for smoking, though those listed above may be easier places to start. So, don’t limit the use of your new smoker just too traditional meats when there is a whole world of food to be had.