Great Ways to Drop Some Calories after Overindulging At the Barbecue

Barbecues are absolutely fantastic.  These fun social get-togethers usually involve a lot of catching up with old friends, a lot of funny jokes and a lot of eating.  After all, what is a barbecue without some juicy grilled sausages, a big juicy steak, and a few kebabs?  A barbecue also isn’t a barbecue without a few great tasting side dishes like potato salad, home baked bread and yummy roasted veggies.  You also cannot just end your barbecue blankly with a meal.  A delicious desert like ice-cream or baked pudding just gives your barbecue that final closure to become a great evening.

Great Ways to Drop Some Calories after Overindulging At the Barbecue
Great Ways to Drop Some Calories after Overindulging At the Barbecue

It is only natural to overindulge a bit during great barbecue sessions.  It is also perfectly natural to feel a bit guilty about all that kilojoules and carbs you consumed throughout the night.  Life wouldn’t be worth living if we never enjoyed a good carefree barbecue.  But it is also important to do what you can afterward to ensure that those carbs don’t go to your hips.  Here are a few great ways to drop a few calories after the barbecue is over and done with.

Drink plenty of water

Water improves your digestive system and activates your metabolism.  If you drink water at the right time you greatly improve your body’s ability to lose weight.  The first thing you should do when you wake up drinks a glass of water. Also, take a glass of water before eating every meal and just before bed.

Get active first thing in the morning with a stationary bike

The best way to quickly drop calories and inches is by working out first thing in the morning.  When your body is still in digestion mode you just slim down a lot easier.  But working out this early in the morning isn’t much fun, nor is it easy.  A stationary bike is the perfect morning workout equipment that you should have inside the house.  These bikes are incredibly easy to use and make working out a whole lot easier and a whole lot more fun.  Stationery bikes enable you to burn a lot of calories and the cardio workout is great for improving your heart and for keeping your leg muscles beautifully toned.  Click here to find out more about these wonderful bikes. If you ride at 12 miles per hour on your bike you will burn 298 calories every half an hour.  It would be good to at least aim for half an hour of cycling first thing in the morning.

Keep moving throughout the day

If you focus on moving during the day you will burn quite a lot of calories.  Instead of sitting down for a bite, try standing up and taking a walk while you eat.  Instead of lying down during lunchtime, take a long walk.

Jump or skip if you can

Jumping and skipping rope is fantastic for burning fat and for toning your body.  Get a skipping rope and skip for another 30 minutes or get on the trampoline with your kids and jump it out for an hour.

With these tips, you should be able to drop quite a few calories that you have consumed during your barbecue and feel just a little bit better about overindulging.