Where to Find the Best Barbeque

Barbeque is a meal steeped in tradition. Great examples can be found all across the globe, creating a unique adventure for anyone who wants to sample some of the best from around the world. So, take a minute with DiscountMyFlights, pack a bag, and begin your tour with some of these destinations.

Austin, Texas, United States

While the state of Texas is known for great barbeque, Austin is one of the best destinations in the state for great music and wonderful food. Popular restaurants like Lamberts and Freedmen’s give food tourists a lot to talk about. Try some of the best beef brisket, pulled pork, and ribs the state has to offer while enjoying the cities unique style.

Where to Find the Best Barbeque

Memphis, Tennessee, United States

The city of Memphis boasts around 80 barbeque joints throughout the area. Unlike destinations that tend to focus more on barbeque sauce, Memphis pays special attention to meat selection and various rubs. This makes it different from many other barbeque cities and the locals have practically perfected the dry rub. Take time to visit some of the most recognized establishments like Corky’s BBQ and Cozy Corner. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

While Bali is not the first place that comes to mind when you think barbeque, Ibu Oka would have you thinking it should. The restaurant has courtyard barbeque pits and whole hogs on rotisserie spits. The seasoning choices are appropriate for the region, making it a barbeque experience unlike what you will find in most of North America.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil brings a different spin to barbequed meats, and Sao Paolo has some of the best examples available. Fogo de Chao is particularly well-known in the area. Stop in for picanha to have a taste of something truly representative of the region. The restaurant also has an unconventional tableside manner. Simply turn a medallion over on your place setting to signal you are ready for more, and the churrasquieros will soon be there with some of the best offerings available.

Seoul, South Korea

Korean barbeque is available at restaurants throughout the world, but there is something about having it in the place it was created. Seoul offers a variety of restaurants that have elevated the meal. Frankly, if you don’t take the time to try it, you are certainly missing out. If you are looking for a particular place to go, consider stopping by Samwon Garden. Enjoy their specialty marinade across grilled beef.

Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Kansas City is another town known for its great barbeque. It is believed the tradition began with Henry Perry in 1908 (now Arthur Bryant’s). Since Perry originally hailed from Memphis, you will see some of those flavor influences throughout the dishes. But Kansas City has certainly given it a twist, creating something uniquely theirs.

Lexington, North Carolina, United States

Don’t let the small size of Lexington fool you, it has a lot to offer. In fact, some say the city is responsible for the Western North Carolina style of barbeque that swept the area. You’ll find pork shoulder served in a sauce with a vinegar base with a side of fries or hush puppies. That makes it an authentic experience through and through. Stop by Lexington Barbeque or Jimmy’s Barbeque to sample some of the best.