Common mistakes people make at a cookout

If it is that time of the year again where people host cookouts and the barbecue works overtime we cannot help but notice the few mistakes guests and hosts make at these backyard functions. It does happen that the cold gusts of winter make our summer entertainment skills a bit rusty. Make your cookout as seamless as possible by reading the following cookout mistakes and avoiding them at your next barbecue.

Common mistakes people make at a cookout

Make sure you have enough ice in a cooler for everyone. This is a big mistake and happens to the best of us at cookouts. The ice runs out and the guests have to deal with warm drinks which aren’t very pleasant on a hot summer’s day spent outside. As a host you should rather have too much ice than too little. We all know that drinks are just as important at a cookout so be prepared with a mountain of ice for cold drinks and cocktails.

Don’t just serve beer. There are many drink options to consider serving at your cookout. Beer shandies for example are delicious and refreshing alternative, it is simple to make with beer and lemonade and everyone loves it. You should also cater for those guests that don’t drink by offering a large variety of non-alcoholic drinks like punch and sodas. Click here for some great non-alcoholic drink ideas.

Starting the fire too late means that everyone will be starving and moody because the food will take too long to prepare. A good time to light the fire is in the middle of the party. This all depends if you are using wood, briquettes or a gas grill. A person should always consider that there might be kids attending and they will get hungry early.

You don’t necessarily have to grill all the food. This might take a lot of time too so overcompensate on salads which can include delicious alternatives like potato salad or Asian noodle. Explore your options and come up with a couple of your own salad recipes or barbecue side dishes. You might be able to join the club on making money online and selling your recipes to blog sites. Anything is possible with a bit of creative thinking.

Vegetables are also very important at a cookout so pick veggies that can be grilled ahead of time. By doing this you will save a lot of preparation time and have enough space to get everyone’s meat cooked. Being in charge of the grill is quite a responsibility and you need all the space you can get. Click here for some great cookout vegetable recipes.

One of the biggest mistakes that a host can make at a cookout is to set the grill and then to leave it. This can leave your guests with meat that tastes like an old boot because it grilled for too long and is dry as a bone. Unfortunately one of the top priorities of the person in charge of the grill is to be on top of it at all times.