How to Build Team Cohesion for Your Insurance Team with Backyard Barbecue

Team building is very important for every team, not only does it help the team to bond but helps the team members to have a deeper understanding of each other which will help them relate well hence work well. We are all aware that in a team you get diverse personalities and they all have different communication styles and work in different ways. A team building helps team members to have a deeper understanding of each other.

If you live in Memphis, Tennessee, you are well aware of the many insurance companies that are there and one of the best insurance companies there is Hudson Agency Insurance. One of the ways in which the insurance company enhances team cohesion of the Hudson Agency insurance team is by doing backyard barbecues. A barbecue is just one of the things a company can do in its team building. There are however some factors to consider before doing a barbecue party. Some of the factors include:

How to Build Team Cohesion for Your Insurance Team with Backyard Barbecue


As much as there are many locations from which barbecue parties can be held there are locations that are more convenient than others.  The location has an effect on how the party will turn out. Location depends on the size of the team and the ambience required. The location should be safe and free from flies and any kind of pests. It should be accessible and centrally placed so that all the team members can easily access the location.

Type of Grill

There are many kinds of grills that can be used, it can either be charcoal, electric or gas grill. They all have different effects on whatever is being grilled. Some people are very particular about the taste they want to achieve and that is why it is an important factor to consider. Most people would prefer charcoal for outdoor and backyard but that’s up to the user preference. Some grills are easier to use than others and will affect the time taken for food to be ready. This should be put in mind in choosing a grill.

Size of the team

Knowing the size of the team helps you in planning the barbecue. It will help you in choosing the location and the amount of food as well as the size of the grill.  This will help in making the barbecue party to be a success.

Kind of food

As much as most barbecues are associated with red meat, it does not have to be red meat and not white meat either. It can also have vegetables. It is good that the barbecue has a variety of foods so that it can meet the needs of the team well. It is also good to choose a good accompaniment so that it is tastier.

That being said, the barbecue party will be a success. One other thing that the team should consider are safety tips during the barbecue as accidents can happen but good thing they can be avoided. Some of the safety factors to consider in doing Backyard Barbecue parties include:

Location of the grill should be at least 10 feet away from the house or even further. Normally when it’s close to the house it can be a hazard. The place of the barbecue should not be used underneath wooden overhangs either, as wood can easily catches fire. This should be applied regardless of the kind of grill used.

Cleanliness of the grill: The grill used should be free from grease and fat build up as it can be a source of fuel for the fire. Grease in particular is known for causing flare ups. A clean grill will keep germs at bay and hence will not be a health hazard.

Check for gas leaks. As much as charcoal grills are mostly used for backyard barbecues, there are some people who will prefer gas grills. A leaking gas is likely to cause accidents and thus should be checked and this is normally done by mixing liquid soap with equal amount of water and rubbing it on the hoses and connections. If the gas is turned on and there is appearance of large bubbles that it is leaking and thus should be fixed.

Check the kind of decors used and keep them away from the grill site if necessary.  Most parties will have a theme and in some cases there might be decorations. There are decors however that are very flammable and would be fuel for fire thus a safety hazard. So observing the location and position of the décor is very important.

Always have a spray water bottle near. Good thing with a spray water bottle is that it can be used to calm minor flare ups. Best thing about water is that it is safe on the food and won’t alter the taste of the food.

Have a fire extinguisher is possible. This will just be for safety reasons in case of a fire break out. As much as it is important to have a fire extinguisher, it is also good to know how to use it. In case of a fire break out and you don’t know how to use it it’s better to call for help from 911 than wasting time.

The gas should never be turned on when the grill lid is closed. This will cause a buildup of gas inside the grill which can cause an explosion of fire upon being turned on.

The grill should never be left unattended. If the grill is left unattended, anything can happen including an accident.

The grill should never be overloaded with food. Some food maybe a safety hazard if the grill is overloaded such as very fatty meat as too much fat may drip on the grill and this may flare up at once causing a safety hazard.

Charcoal grills should be used outdoors. They may be a health hazard when used indoors as charcoal produces carbon monoxide which may even lead to death in extreme cases. It should be used where there is good ventilation.