Best Kept Barbeque Secrets

There’s definitely a secret to making great barbeque. The smoker and grill are key factors, for sure, and choosing the right ones can certainly be a challenge. But, once you get past that hurdle, trial and error are generally your best mode of defense against your BBQ competitors. We’re not all destined for BBQ greatness, but many of us can achieve something close with these best kept barbeque secrets.

As we stated earlier, choosing the right grill and smoker is a deciding factor in your BBQ genius. We recommend you invest some time perusing this Weber Q comparison guide. Since there are thousands of Weber grills to choose from, this guide will help you make an informed decision. The Q series by Weber is particularly unique in its design. And, they are highly portable and leave a small footprint. Pick the right one for you and then start focusing on these best kept BBQ secrets!

Best Kept Barbeque Secrets

10 Tips for Exceptional Barbeque

John Markus is a decorated Pitmaster and certainly someone in the BBQ industry who can offer trustworthy advice. When you combine his expertise with that of Johnny Trigg and Nicole Davenport, you are guaranteed to get more than 10 tips for exceptional barbeque. But, we’re only going to share our favorites with you here:

  1. Rub early– Let the meat reach room temperature and then rub it down about an hour before you throw it in the smoker. Learn some great rubs.
  2. Patience– You might be tempted to add barbeque sauce early on, but it is best when you wait patiently until the last couple of minutes of cooking. It will cook in just the way you’re hoping for.
  3. Apple juice- It seems odd, but apple juice, squirted onto the meat at regular intervals will add flavor and make it a gorgeous color. Plus, you’ll avoid the black that often occurs.
  4. Wood to coals– Perhaps you never considered it, but you can add a couple hunks of wood to the coals. This will add a nice smoky flavor. Consider pecan or hickory. Oak can add a mellow flavor as well.
  5. Low and slow- It’s the way to go. But many of us are in a hurry to get the meat on the grill. Be sure that the fire is tame and averaging a 200-250 degree mark on the grates.
  6. Gauge- You cannot eyeball good barbeque. You definitely need to invest in a good meat temperature gauge. This will help you ensure you don’t over- or undercook your meat. Check out these gauge options.
  7. Take it off- Do this just a wee bit sooner than you think you should. Meat will continue cooking even once it has left the grates. If you pull it off when it’s reached your desired stage, you might be disappointed by those extra moments of cooking.
  8. Mistakes are great– If you make mistakes, all that says is, “You’re human.” Mistakes give you the opportunity to learn. Remember, trial and error is part of the process, even with these secret tips.
  9. Don’t flip– Over flipping the meat can make the juices fall out. Let it rest on one side for half of the cook time and the other side for the other half. Only flip once.
  10. Squeeze butter- This comes in liquid form and can add desirable moisture and flavor to your steaks and other meats.

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