Your Backpack Checklist for Barbecuing While Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a fantastic hobby for various reasons.  When you enjoy this hobby you get plenty of exercise that is fantastic for maintaining great health, you get to explore and enjoy gorgeous scenery and you can turn your mountain biking session into a full day of adventure by including a fun barbecue session in your trip while you take a rest.  Can you honestly imagine anything better than enjoying a few roasted sausages on a ridge with a gorgeous landscape while you and a few buddies take a break from biking?  Well, neither can we and that are exactly why we have included a backpack barbecue checklist for your next trip.

Your Backpack Checklist for Barbecuing While Mountain Biking

Find a mountain bike that is suitable for backpacking

You get mountain bikes and then you get mountain bikes.  Only someone who actually tried biking before will know the difference.  Some mountain bikes make it a pleasure to take on those narrow pathways on dangerous hillsides while others makes it incredibly difficult and hard.  The same goes for taking a backpack along.  If you want a good mountain bike that will give you great functionality and maintain your weight as well as the weight of your backpack then you should definitely check out because here you will learn of the best mountain bikes that money can buy and see exactly what the difference is between ordinary mountain bikes and extraordinary mountain bikes.

Barbecue essentials that should be in your backpack

And now it is time to think food.  If you are planning on having a nice barbecue in the mountains with your mountain bike then you have to remember one thing; weight.  You want to travel as light as possible.  Here are the must haves for your mountain biking barbecue session;

  • Add a lighter. Lighters are much more resilient against sweating and water than matches.
  • Fire starters will help you make a fire a lot safer and quicker.
  • Don’t worry about the wood. It will only weigh you down and looking for fire wood is part of the expedition.
  • Barbecue tools like a barbecue fork and knife are the minimum essentials.
  • A grill on which you can barbecue your meats. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy.
  • Cutlery like a small plate, knife, fork and serviettes will make you feel a little bit more civilized among friends.
  • Remember to take along drink water or beverages.
  • Small shovel so you can clear a campfire area and distinguish the fire afterwards.
  • Take along meat or sausages that are already seasoned so you won’t have to drag along unnecessary spices.
  • Other foods if you want to enjoy more than just meat.

How to barbecue out in the open

It is important to always stay safe when you are barbecuing out in the open.  Runaway fires are terrible for animal life and completely avoidable if you take the right steps.  You should clear an area for your fire, add a ring of rocks to prevent coals from rolling around, always keep an eye on your fire and always extinguish your fire when you are done with your barbecue.