How to Smoke Salmon in Your Smoker

Salmon is one of the fish that people love to eat the most. A lot of people love its texture and its distinct taste. It helps that this is also one of the healthiest fish to eat provided that you get it from a good source.

People assume that salmon is a hard fish to cook but actually, there are different ways that you can prepare it and it will end up tasting great every single time. One of the most popular ways to prepare your salmon is by smoking it with the use of your smoker.

How to Smoke Salmon in Your Smoker
How to Smoke Salmon in Your Smoker

This is the process that you can do to make this possible:

  • Prepare the brine that you will use on your salmon. Brine is usually composed of all the flavors that you would like to use to enhance the flavor of the salmon. Most people prepare it with water, salt, sugar, onion, and garlic cloves. You can make some changes depending on your taste.
  • Cut the fish into thin fillets then allow the fillets to cure for about 8 hours. This will infuse all of the flavors that you want.
  • Air dry the fish. It would form a sort of flake on top that will signify that it is ready for smoking. Place the fish in a clean rack and allow the natural air to dry the fish the way that you want it before smoking.
  • Set the smoker to about 140 degrees. You have to choose the type of wood that you think will work best on your salmon. It is all about your preference. You need to choose one that will best fit your taste. You can avoid pine wood as it can make fish taste a bit bitter. You can stick with some safe favorites like apple wood and hickory wood.
  • You can smoke your fish for about an hour since you have cut it into fillets. If you have decided to smoke bigger cuts of the salmon, it would take about 3 hours before the cuts would be properly smoked. While you are doing this, you can work on other things. Have you ever tried using react app? It will allow you to make your applications in a fast amount of time. There is no need to hire different people for encoding the required codes. Everything can be set up fast. Who knows, you might work on an app that will help people know the proper smoking tips to cook not only salmon but other types of meat.
  • Once you are done smoking, you can place the salmon that you will not use yet inside some Ziplocks. It will make the salmon last longer so that you can just get it from the freezer to thaw every time you would need it for your recipe.

There are still a lot of other meats that you can smoke and cook as long as you have the right recipe and you know what you should do.

Ways to Relax After a Hard Week of Work

Life is full of ups and downs and each day we have to hit the grind in order to make ends meet. It usually gets tiring and monotonous, and especially for people that don’t enjoy what they are doing. As a result, people usually end up getting stressed and angry over very small matters that could have otherwise been avoided. In order to stay mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy, it is important for people to relax after a hard week of work, and that is what we are going to look at in this article, ways to relax.


They say that laughter is the best medicine and probably the best way to cure stress. One can watch a movie, go to a comical concert, meet up with funny friends, read, the list of things that can make one laugh is endless. It is the best way of letting go.

Catch up with friends

Ladies can plan a girl’s night in or out, and the same can apply to men. This is a great way of unwinding and forgetting about work.


Getting yourself comfortable is also one way of relieving stress. One can wear comfortable clothes, put on a good movie, and just lie on the couch as they escape from the reality of life. This will make them more relaxed and refreshed.

Exercise or stretch

Exercises tend to loosen the muscles and relax the mind. Things like yoga are bound to make one feel better.

Learn to leave work commitments at work

Work commitments should never be taken home for those that don’t work from home. Those that work from home can set boundaries such that they have a time when they switch off from work. This includes not checking emails or doing anything related to work in any way.

Ways to Relax After a Hard Week of Work
Ways to Relax After a Hard Week of Work

Best Bath Pillow Reviews

The main topic in this article is relaxing, one of the ways of relaxing that we had mentioned is comfort. There are certain things that enhance our comfort, and these include pillows. We are now going to review the best bath pillows by Homa Spa Select.

Best Grip

Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Two Panel Bath Pillow

This pillow has an excellent grip and comes with 7 extra-large suction cups that make it get an excellent grip on the bath tub. It comes in multiple sizes and can feature either two or three panels. The two panel design is best for support, while the three panels design is for extra support. It has a short top panel that supports the head and neck, and also cushions corners in the tub.

Best for Bathtubs with Large Ledges

Epica Luxury Spa Pillow

This bath pillow comes with foam padding that is two inches thick on both panels. The top panel offers more support for the base of the head due to its wedge shape, and this is good for neck health and proper posture. This works best for people that would like to lean their heads back on the ledges of the bathtubs, and that is why it comes with head and neck cushioning and support. It has a top and lower panel support. Seven suction cups hold it firmly into place where you want it.

Best Inflatable

Aquasentials Terry Cloth Bath Pillow

This is a stereotypical looking inflatable bath pillow that can allow one to release some air so that their head is comfortable. It comes at an affordable price and is made from a waterproof plastic material coated in soft terry cloth. Though the terry cloth needs to be left somewhere to dry after each use, it is way better than the stick-to-it plastic bath pillow.

Softest Foam

Surpahs Non-Slip Bathtub Spa Pillow

This bath pillow is made from thick, soft two-inch foam that is durable. It is soft and has a good grip, coming with two flexible panels of soft foam. It works best in tubs with angled backs and not flat backs. It has seven strong, large suction cups.

Ultimate Neck Support

Harrison House Luxurious Bath Pillow

This is a two panel bath pillow comes in the form of a neck roll, with thick foam used to create back support a specially-designed neck support. It maintains support for the head while supporting the neck the same way that a mother’s hand would support a baby’s head. This neck roll features a soft mesh-like material, and it isn’t waterproof. It can be machine washed.

Best Washable

Zleepi Luxury Bath Pillow

This is a washable bath pillow that has a great texture. It has a neck roll made from foam inside a soft velvety fabric. It features a long flap with two strong suction cups on the back.

Best Thin Foam

Estilo Bath and Spa Pillow

This works best for those with little space in their bathtubs, featuring one-inch-thick foam that is covered in a rubbery, plastic material for comfort. It is a fully waterproof bath pillow that drains water quickly.


It is important for one to find ways to relax after a crazy week at work, school, or whatever they do. One of the things that most people like is relaxing in warm water and the bath pillows reviewed above serve the purpose of enhancing that comfort.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How You Can Plan, Prepare for & Host A BBQ

Summer is an ideal time to have a BBQ get-together. Regardless of whether it be a major family get-together or even simply having a couple of friends around. Anyway you need it, this article is a basic manual for you to take after to have an exceptional BBQ.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How You Can Plan, Prepare for & Host A BBQ
A Step-by-Step Guide on How You Can Plan, Prepare for & Host A BBQ

Pick the correct day. BBQs are best facilitated outside under the open climate. Abstain from picking a day that is predicted to be rainy, cool or too windy. You need the ideal summer climate when you have a BBQ with friends/family!

Plan your list of people to attend. Consider whether you need friends over or family (or possibly both). Keep in mind not to welcome an excessive number of individuals since you’ll need to cook for them all.

Plan where you’ll have the BBQ. Generally, one is hung on the garden/yard/patio. Ensure there are places for individuals to sit, for example, seats and floor mats. Brighten the region with lamps for a mystical night BBQ or only a pleasant natural scene. A few parks or areas offer free BBQs to warm up and use on their parcel. Consider having a BBQ out in an open stop for something else.

Decorate accordingly. It’s very important to set up the right BBQ mood. You want to make use of the existing items and accessories you have so that you don’t end up spending extra money. You can always bring in paintings and wall hangings from inside and put them up temporarily on the patio wall. One of the best things you can show off is your star map which will be custom made and will depict a few important events in your life. Put it up for everybody to see it!

Plan the food and drink. Think about your visitors. It is safe to say that they are kids? Vegans? Ensure there is something for everybody. Burgers, frankfurters, ribs and kebabs are mainstream. Ensure there are some side dishes like potato plate of mixed greens, serving of mixed greens, couscous, watermelon, and so on. Have beverages, for example, lemonade, lager, smoothies or even simply water! You need most foods that can go on a grill since you’ll be grilling them. Servings of mixed greens simply be made before-hand to give yourself additional time ahead.

Plan a few recreations/activities. Go and design fun games you used to play as a child! Possibly a session of rounders! Remind your visitors to wear reasonable footwear.  Make sure to pick reasonable recreations for youngsters on the off chance that you have families going to. Maybe even setting up an over the ground pool will be possible and a lot of fun.

Have somebody look out for the grill. Ensure that somebody or even yourself is at the grill constantly when food is cooking on it! Upon the arrival of the BBQ, set up the entirety of your side dishes ahead of time, either the morning before the BBQ or the prior night. Display the food outside on a table like a buffet so your visitors can pick what they might want.

Make the most of your BBQ and eat as much as you want!

Summer Party Tips for Young Men

Well, summer’s here and the party invites are overflowing! Regular parties are pretty easy to handle, but when it’s time for a serious boy’s night out, every young man wants to be the life of the party. Don’t worry about it though, just sit back and relax while you go through some of these super helpful party tips so you’re guaranteed to be the star attraction of any party:

Plan beforehand

You should plan what you’ll want to wear in advance since you’ll know what style suits you best. That way you don’t have to be constantly worrying about your look at the party. Find some outfit choices and pick the best one.

Choose the right outfit

The first and most significant thing when getting ready for a party is knowing your audience. Are you going to a bachelor party? A wedding reception? A night at the bar? You should pick your outfit according to the occasion so that you don’t stand out.

Summer Party Tips for Young Men
Summer Party Tips for Young Men

Try going for subtlety

Don’t use too much flash or tack when planning your outfit. It’s best to go with something a little soberer if you’re attending a formal occasion like a wedding. Some simple light pastel color options can give your outfit a great chic look instead of dark or bright neon shades. Avoid any excessive patterns or designs at a bar night as well, you don’t want to scare off the ladies!

Get a nice hairdo

A natural shower and blow dry is all the hair styling that you’ll need to keep your hair looking fresh and attractive! Most men for over-the-top beard styles and gelled up hair which can be a huge turn-off. A subtle beard and natural hair can make all the difference.

Beards are in style, so, you’re going to want to go for a great look and style to match your outfit and party occasion. Hone is an online men’s fashion blog that posts about different fashion styles, trends, outfits, accessories, and products that men can choose to stay up-to-date with men’s fashion. The blog outlines some of the top ten beard styles for 2018 so you can pick from these amazing looks which include:

  • Bandholz
  • Long Stubble
  • Balbo
  • Circle Beard
  • Short Stubble
  • Garibaldi
  • Van Dyke
  • Full Beard
  • Imperial
  • Medium Stubble

The blog outlines all the cutting styles and aspects involved with each beard look and provides sample photos so you can have a clear look of the style. Each beard style is explained in depth so you can see which one works for you based on your hair color, texture, style, skin tone, age, outfit, party occasion and much more.

You can opt for the one that suits you according to the blog’s recommendation, or just go with the flow and pick whichever one you like. The right hairdo can leave you feeling confident and bold at any party.


This is an imperative focal point: don’t just go ahead and douse yourself in a bottle of strong cologne! It’s only going to have everyone at the party run away in the opposite direction. Just lightly dab a subtle cologne on your neck and wrists, and you’re good to go.


Your shoes should match your outfit. If you’re going out in a blazer and some trousers, formal footwear like Oxford shoes should do the trick. Sandals and flip flops go well with mort casual looks.

Be Confident

Last, but definitely not the least, be confident! A sense of confidence can make you look like the life of the party regardless of your outfit choice. So just go out, grab a drink and have some fun at the party!

Want To Barbecue Without Gaining Weight?

Barbecues are great fun.  It is fantastic to spend time with friends and family, to sip sweetly chilled or hot cocoa drinks and to munch on all sorts of lip-smacking grilled foods.  But getting on that scale to see a weeks’ worth of dieting and healthy eating went down the drain in a single night isn’t much fun at all.

Just because you want to lose some weight doesn’t mean you have to give up on fun barbecue parties and evenings or munch on leaves while everyone enjoys porky sausages at all.  All you have to do is to follow the right techniques and eat the right foods and you can shake those pounds and still have a blast during the evenings.  Here are a few tips to help you enjoy barbecues without gaining weight;

Want To Barbecue Without Gaining Weight?
Want To Barbecue Without Gaining Weight?

Start taking diet tablets

Weight loss tablets is a good supplement to take whenever you set out on a new diet or whenever you want to lose weight.  These tablets work wonders for your body and assists in weight loss because it has multiple functions like the following;

  • Weight loss tablets suppress your hunger cravings which reduce the amount of snacking you do during the day. This already makes a huge difference in your life and in your weight.
  • These tablets contain plenty of vitamins and nutrition which means you can eat less without affecting your body negatively. If you simply plunge into a diet without supplements you can easily obtain skin conditions, bone density problems and suffer hair loss.
  • Weight loss tablets also have an energizing function which helps you feel strong and full of life throughout the day. With more energy, you can stick to your workout routines and you won’t feel the strain of a low sugar, low-calorie diet.
  • The tablets also naturally fuel your skin, nails, and hair so you will look great even though you are losing weight.
  • Weight loss supplements also promote weight loss by targeting and breaking down stubborn body fat in your body.
  • Different types of weight loss tablets are also designed for different purposes. Some might be designed to give you more energy while you diet and others are focused on hunger suppression and will affect your appetite.  It is best to do proper research on your weight loss tablets before you dive in.

Make veggie kebabs for the grill

Veggie kebabs look incredible and they are very tasty.  With veggie kebabs available you will naturally munch on these instead of just filling your body with fattening foods.

Make delicious side salads

Salads are so easy to make and so good for your body.  Skip out on those baked bread and make a few healthy side salads so you can enjoy high energy levels on fun barbecue evenings.

Choose lean meats

Lean meats also taste great on the grill and are a must if you don’t want to gain weight and they still taste great.  Invest in lean meat sources and you can dine without having to worry about your weight.

With these tips, you can still enjoy plenty of barbecue dinners without the risk of gaining unwanted body weight and without putting your health at risk.

How To Maintain Your Weight if You Eat A Lot of BBQ

Eating out and having nice food every day is a dream for everyone. We all want to eat the spicy BBQ chicken and meat. Nonetheless, the most significant thing to know is that too much of anything can be very harmful to the body. When you eat a lot of BBQ you must be able to counter the weight that you gain from it. There are numerous ways to do this. All you need to have is the will to exercise and the equipment needed to do it.

How To Maintain Your Weight if You Eat A Lot of BBQ
How To Maintain Your Weight if You Eat A Lot of BBQ

Read on some of the top ways to balance your diet and exercise:

Using the treadmill

Using the treadmill to burn the unnecessary fats. gives you the best review for all your treadmill needs. This treadmill is high in quality and can be compared to that available in the gym. However, the best thing about this specific model is that you can easily keep it at home. At home, the requirement of any equipment is less space. The more space it takes, the more problems can arise.

So this model counters the problem. It takes very less space and is also less in weight. There are different colors available in this model so you can choose the one that matches your house interior. When compared to other models of the same category, this treadmill comes at the top because it is very less in price.

The treadmill also shows the calories you have burnt. Whenever you have a BBQ party at your house, be sure to use the treadmill after all the guests have left. You will not even have to get a membership at the gym because you have your own equipment at home.

Drink lots of water

Numerous people do not know this but drinking water can be very good for your health. It does not only keep you fresh but also makes it easier for you to lose weight. When folks go to BBQs they do not drink water. There are juices and other drinks which are used with the food. This is not good for the body and even though these things taste nice, they are not beneficial when you are losing weight.

You must incorporate lots of water in your diet. Make a chart which shows all the times when you have to drink a whole glass of water. Then follow the chart for a month. Soon you will realize that your water habit becomes permanent and you will not need a chart anymore.

Go for a jog

People who do a lot of BBQ must be willing to do more physical activities. Going jogging is one of these activities that can make you fit in no time. Jogging does not only burn calories, it also regulates the supply of blood in your body. When you eat chicken or another type of meat, the blood tends to become thicker and can damage your heart in the long run. Make a team of all your BBQ friends and take them out for a job every once in a while.

Cardio exercises

There are numerous BBQ lovers who are very young and have not yet entered their practical lives. Such people cannot afford an expensive gym or other expensive equipment for exercise. So for these individuals, the best way to maintain weight and lose extra pounds is to do cardio exercises. These exercises do not involve any equipment.

They require a will to work out and the motivation to spare just five minutes from your everyday routine. Cardio exercises also improve the heart rate and make your life overall healthier and better.

How to look good for a BBQ Party

With the arrival of summer comes the usual influx of party invitation, among which barbeque parties are most commonly arranged.  If you are a worried soul, who wants some tips and tricks to look good for a barbeque party then this article is certainly designed for your help. Every individual desires to look perfect for social gatherings. To make a long lasting first impression on parties you need to be confident about your appearance. Looking chic at a barbeque party will help you make positive inklings for known and unknown faces. Your good looks will give you the confidence that you need to have a perfect time. Follow the following tips and we ensure, you will look great for any barbeque party.

How to look good for a BBQ Party
How to look good for a BBQ Party

Plan Your Time Schedule:

You should plan ahead to remain on your time schedule. Think about all the things you want to do and arrange them in a perfect order to avoid any future problems. For example, you need to plan your outfit a night before your party to avoid last minute confusions. You also need extra time to style your hair and do your makeup. Planning ahead will ease you tensions and you will be ready on time for the party without any delay.

Choosing an outfit:

Choosing an outfit for your barbeque party is the most important step. Researches show that your outfit can affect your emotional state and confidence in many ways. If you want to enjoy your time at BBQ party, you should wear something comfortable yet elegant and stylish. Before you choose your outfit you need to consider followings steps:

  • Consider location and environment for BBQ
  • Look for weather forecast so you may know what to wear accordingly.
  • Choose an outfit that compliments your body type.
  • Look for colors that will enhance your skin tone. The tones of your skin will define what colors you look good in wearing.
  • Avoid any kind of outfit that makes you feel uneasy in any way.

Take a Shower:

Hygiene is very important for your appearance. Groom yourself for barbeque party by cleaning yourself and exfoliating your skin. Your shower routine for barbeque party should follow following steps:

  • Shave your arms and legs. It’s very important to use the right type of shaver for your skin. Head over to for more information about that.
  • Scrub your skin
  • Condition your hair
  • Use a good fragrance shower gel to relax your nerves
  • Apply some deodorant
  • Moisturize your skin

Style your hair:

You need to fix your hair by styling them. You can take help from many hair tutorial videos. Make sure if you straighten or curl your hair you will need all the required accessories accordingly. Men can style their hair with a gel or setting spray for a finished look.

Apply Makeup:

For girls, makeup is another important step that consumes a lot of time. You should apply your make up according to day or night time setting. You can also enhance your features on your face. For example:

  • Wear some mascara or eye liner to emphasize your eyes.
  • You can apply some bold lipstick to enhance your lips.
  • Wear some good quality foundation and highlighter to improve your skin texture.

Be Yourself and Relax!

Self-confidence is the key to attractiveness. The more you relax your nerves the more confident you will feel about yourself and the more you will enjoy your time at any BBQ party.

Tips for a Great Holiday Barbecue Party with Your Work Buddies

It is great to connect with your colleagues outside the office and to turn them into your buddies.  These are after all the people with whom you often spend most of your time during the day.  You will be surprised at just how much better and different people can be when they are not at work.

This next upcoming holiday is the perfect occasion to host a barbeque party with all of your work buddies.  You can finally get to know one another on a different level thank them for being supportive and good to you at work and simply mingle and have some fun with the people you usually just work with.

Here are a few tips for a great holiday barbecue party with your work buddies.

Yes, you can gift something special

It is only natural to want to gift something special to your buddies during the holiday season.  A small gift is a great way to show your appreciation for the people in your life and to thank them for coming.  In fact, in plenty of modern parties, the host will give a small favor to all of the guests who arrive.  Sunflour Baking Company has plenty of great gifts for co-workers that is affordable, delicious and that everyone will love. You can definitely check out their treats and baked goods as small gifts for your work buddies and order from their catering menu if you are not in the mood for cooking during your barbecue.

Tips for a Great Holiday Barbecue Party with Your Work Buddies
Tips for a Great Holiday Barbecue Party with Your Work Buddies

Choose your meats smartly

Choose meats that are easy and quick to prepare and also easy and quick to eat.  A good example of easy barbecue meats is sausages, patties or kebabs that you can easily take with the hand and enjoy.  Lamb or pork chops or chicken drumsticks are also great picks for all of those picky eaters that work with you.  If you want to cut back on the cost of your party then you can also ask everyone to just bring along their own meats and drinks while you supply all the rest.

Supply fresh bread

Fresh bread is a very easy food to serve at your barbecue party.  There are so many delicious bread recipes out there to try that all of your guests will absolutely love.

Stock up on a few salads

Supply your guests with a variety of salads they can enjoy.  A salad is incredibly healthy, easy to make and these foods also make you look like you are someone who really cares about your own personal health.  It is also a meal that is so easy to eat.  There are plenty of great salad recipes out there to try such as beet salad, tossed salad, noodle salads and much more.

Yes, you can give dessert

There is no better way to finish off a meal than with a delicious dessert.  Warm desserts like a warm pudding with custard are glorious but if it is particularly hot then you can always go with ice cream and a fruit salad.

Tips for Throwing a Pool BBQ Party

A BBQ pool party during hot summer days is a perfect way to celebrate any occasion. It is an ideal summer bash for all ages. Everyone enjoys a refreshing dip in the pool during summer season. You can play different water games, hang out with your friends and family and eat plenty of food. Pool parties are always a fun way to celebrate. It combines together the deliciousness of BBQ food and the fun of being inside the pool! Here are some tips for you to host a great pool party without any trouble.

Check Your Pool:

Before planning the whole thing, make sure that your pool is all set for the party. You should test all the pool related stuff such as jets, filter and lights. Chlorine and pH levels are also important as a perfect chlorine residual is 3.0. Ensure that these levels are well adjusted. Clean and scan your pool to get rid of any kind of rubble. You should also remove extra furniture from your pool side to create space for your party. You can also learn more about cheap and easy ways to heat your swimming pool so that it’s at a comfortable temperature level.

Tips for Throwing a Pool BBQ Party
Tips for Throwing a Pool BBQ Party

Plan some Fun Activities:

You can plan some fun pool party games to keep your guests active and involved. Focus on arranging water games as pool parties are set to cool off during hot summer holidays. Some commonly known water games are: macro polo, treasure hunt, dolphin & shark and volleyball etc. You can search internet for a complete list of water games to increase fun during your get together. You can also add some pool accessories such as beach ball, rings or floats etc.

Plot your Guest List:

It is very important that you should prioritize your guest list, so you may have a manageable number of guests. You will need additional supervision depending on the age of your guests. If you are planning a pool party for your kids then you must pay extra attention and keep them out of the deep. Just make sure all your invited guests knows how to swim.

Prepare Some Snacks and Drinks:

Swimming and playing will leave your guests hungry for food so planning a full menu is very important for your pool party. Chips, Popsicles, watermelon and pretzels are some great choices for pool parties. If you have some extra budget in hand then you can replace snacks with a live barbeque and grilled burgers to increase fun for your guests.  With the hot blazing sun, you will also need to provide some refreshments such as lemonade, sparkling drinks etc.

Add Background Music:

Music add life to any kind of party. You can create festive atmosphere at your pool part by adding a great playlist to your sound system. A good background music will increase the ambiance of your party and will entertain your guest through your get together. Also, make sure that you do not put too loud music because some people gets very irritated while yelling during a chit chat at such parties.

Final Touch ups:

In the end make sure that your pool is clean, games are all planned, food is out on serving plates and the music is playing. After the final touch ups all you have to do is get yourself ready before the arrival of your guests. Planning everything ahead means you should relax and fully enjoy your pool party with your friends and family.

How About a Bodyboarding Beach Barbecue Party?

Is it time to celebrate a special occasion?  Perhaps it is your birthday?  Maybe it is your anniversary?  Perhaps you want to celebrate a major job breakthrough or did you just graduate?  Well, whatever the occasion may be, I am quite sure that a bodyboarding beach barbecue party is a great way to celebrate. After all, what can possibly be better than enjoying great tasting great foods after a good swim in the sea?

How About a Bodyboarding Beach Barbecue Party?
How About a Bodyboarding Beach Barbecue Party?

You will need a good bodyboard – of course

While you are celebrating you might as well spoil yourself a bit with a fun new bodyboard.  On Churchill Fins Review you can check out the best boogie boards on the market.  This site features all of the specs such as durability, materials, size, weight, features, and weight of the top boogie boards out there so you can fain something to suit your style and preferences with ease. With a good boogie board, you can have a blast on your beach barbecue party and enjoy plenty of thrills while you seek out some big waves.

Barbecuing on the beach

Barbecuing on the beach is quite a challenge because it can be tough to keep the sand out of your food on a sandy beach.  But a beach barbecue should be on the bucket list of every barbecue lover.  Just imagine it; grilling that perfect catch of the day on your own portable barbecue while you are enjoying the salty sea water with that rich aroma of burning wood and fish hanging in the air.  Your enjoyment of a beach grill will depend on the type of gear you have with you.  A mini portable grill with your own wood is a must because it makes the cleanup much easier and keeps the sand out of your food.  Take along one of those tiny portable grills so you won’t feel like your party is turning into a lot of work and effort.

Yes, you may fish!

A beach barbecue party would be even better if you could enjoy a bit of fishing.  With your bodyboard, fishing rod and portable grill there will never be a dull moment at your party.  Take along that compact bait and a tackle box of yours, your fishing rod and other fishing essentials.  You might just be lucky enough to get a good catch that you can grill right there on the spot.  But remember to bring along some meats just in case you don’t have much luck with fishing that particular day.

Remember the snacks and drinks

A few yummy snacks like dried fruits, nuts and chips will keep you full of energy and you certainly need to remember your cooler and beverages so you can enjoy that glorious sunset and the grill aroma with a delicious drink at hand.

A barbecue beach party with activities like fishing and bodyboarding is a terrific way to celebrate a special occasion or to simply make the most out of your fun beach holiday.